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ArticlesTelecommunications FutureTelecommunication is the practice of conveying a message from one place to another with the distinctive added quality of being bi-directional. When applied in ideal situations, it cab be deduced that there are some things that could get lost when communicating and thus telecommunication basically is about all kinds of distance communications, radio, TV, data communication, telegraphy or even computer networking included (Zittrain, 2008). Telecommunication has turned out to be one of the most significant infrastructures that are very necessary to the socio-economic well-being of every nation. Moreover, the globalization of globe economy has further augmented the significance of telecommunications to the financial system.

The telecommunication area is one of the most rapidly growing sectors. Telecommunications is at a turning point, local telephone companies are being endangered by wireless communication; in the view that local telephone companies might soon be declared redundant with the emergence by wireless communication. Moreover there is recent development of Voice over IP challenges set up structures of charging and taxation. The future victory of telecommunication services shall be decided by a carrier's capacity to better understand the contrasting needs of a variety of types of consumer and business customers, availing replacement services customized to the needs of every market. The networks which supply user-integrated applications and whose the providers assertively market and promote their network services will flourish in the years to come (Palmberg, 2006). In addition, it is not inexorably the technology associated with the network design that will warrant its business achievement, but somewhat the application resolutions and marketing approaches of the industry participants. The success or fall down of a carrier will be determined by the efficient promotion as well as the marketing of networks as integrated business 9system solutions. There are diverse kinds of network architectures available within communications networks, together with the on hand networks and more advanced technology still being installed.

When examining the networks likely to take over the future of telecom, it is necessary to excavate it from the current developments. The market forces speed up the rate of transformation and investment in telecommunications shall be repressed by the industry's capability to attract deep-seated initiatives. The probable outcome of existing market will be increasing segmentation of the market, with varied structure helping diverse parts of the user and business markets (Zittrain, 2008). Emergency Telephone Numbers and Their RoleAn emergency is a state that poses an immediate threat to human life or possessions even if this explanation could be different in a number of areas.

Deliberate phony reports of an emergency are typically prosecuted as a crime. One is supposed to call for aid every time there is a peril for life or public order. The emergency telephone number is a particular case in the country's telephone number sketch.

The emergency telephone number varies from country to country. It is characteristically a three-digit number, even if not always, for it to be easy to remember and fast in dialing. A number of countries have a dissimilar emergency number for every separate emergency service; these numbers in most cases differ only by the last digit. The three most important and best acknowledged emergency call services are fire brigade, police and ambulance. Other existing communication services consist of coastguards, mountain salvage and cave salvage if it is applicable nearby.

Some circumstances such as a main car accident or a terrorist attack will necessitate numerous expert services but the foremost point of call for reporting of such occurrences from the common public is the 9-9-9 system. The number is run by British Telecom for the Home Office. The operator might also be capable of offering assistance over the phone until when the emergency service staff reaches. 9-9-9 is the United Kingdom’s Emergency telephone number together with the EU standard 1-1-2. Whichever number is helpful but people at all times refer to 9-9-9.

If someone is using a mobile phone out of range, one is supposed to dial 112. This links someone straightforwardly to emergency services even though there is shortage of network coverage.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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