Essays on Benchmarking in Re-Engineering Process Research Paper

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The paper "Benchmarking in Re-Engineering Process " is a perfect example of a management research paper.   Strategic management is very essential in any business set up. Benchmarking is part and parcel of strategic management. It is a tool that helps managers to improve the quality of the products and services in organizations. Many businesses are incorporating benchmarking in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This is especially the case in this twenty-first century. This move has been brought about by increasing stiff competition in the entire business fraternity. There are tremendous fluctuations that are quite evident in the business environment.

It is a venture that helps organizations to evaluate their position in the market. This is in relation to the other competitor companies. For any organization to maintain leadership in the market, then benchmarking has to be constantly carried out. This helps to ensure that the company products are meeting the demand in the market. 2.0 Introduction Benchmarking is known to be part and parcel of the re-engineering process of many organizations. This process is all about knowing the best performers in the market, the standards therein, and the person that sets the standards.

Benchmarking involves evaluation of many internal processes within an organization to ensure that they are appropriately aligned to the best practice code of ethics. This paper is dealing with the literature review of various articles on the benchmarking topic. 3.0 Article one 3.1 Background work The overall paradigm of business blindness is overcome by benchmarking. The blindness paradigm is whereby leaders or managers carry out tasks in the way that they are used to. On the other hand, benchmarking exposes an organization to new ways of improving the quality of the products therein. Generally, benchmarking gives a different view of handling quality issues within an organization.

It actually acts against any form of resistance to change whatsoever. This entire process can be carried out by an organization as an individual venture or as a joint undertaking between organizations. An example of group benchmarking is that which has been carried out by water supply companies in Dutch.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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