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Essays on 1- Business Deaths are Hampering Job Growth 2-Open Discussion.... 3-Debate -- Should professors allow laptops and other such electronic devices in class 4-Symmetry versus Asymmetry 5- Ten Reasons Why Per-Mile Tolling Is a Better Highway User Fee than Essay

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Issues in Microeconomics I found this ment an accurate reflection of the current global market. I was surprised that currently, startups and small investments employ the largest population with statistics indicating approximately 70% of employment opportunities are supported by these businesses (Clifton, 2015). I found the fact that startups die a few years after commissioning very unfortunate in that many employed people are rendered jobless. I found this comment to have failed in bringing out the real issues in the article. Though the writer notes the current economic growth, I did not find any facts in the comment to support this view.

I was also surprised that the writer was more interested in the style of the article and not the content. 2. I liked the open discussion as it required the use of my ideas and concepts to persuade the class to adopt my perception. Just like in the other cases, people have to talk about what they are interested in or what they view to be the most appropriate topic of the day. In an open forum, it is vital to respond someones ideas in that the response either affirms or critics the ideas of the other party.

The baseline in this is to defend one’s perception and make the open forum interesting. It is interesting that the writer is more interested in his/ her ideas showing up in the classroom and not the concept of the post they were answering to. I expected the urge to have one’s posts discussed or aired in class not have been more importance than the concepts and ideas they communicated in these posts.

All the same, the requirement that the dissuasion was to be civil was essential as it illustrated that only concepts and not personalities were under discussion in the open forum was enough to make the open forum interesting. 3. I was first shocked by the fact that at this age, professors may refuse to allow laptops and other electronic devices in class. In this day and age research has proved the use of electronic devices in a classroom environment has the potential to facilitate better learning. I would expect that instead of taking notes, students may consider live recording of lectures, which offers better understanding of the lesson.

Usually, electronic devices offer better participation to students than in a passive classroom setting. It is a fact that students would be better placed to remember concepts presented through an audio means than reading the ideas from their notes. I find the writer to have articulated the situation in the right way. First, the writer is in agreement with other scholars that technological gadgets do improve the learning process.

In addition, the writer is correct that people will only concentrate on issues they are attracted or which are appealing to them. As the comment insinuates, it is unlikely that a laptop or a technological device will hinder students from listening carefully to a captivating lesson. However, in this comment the writer fails to acknowledge the use of technical devices in a classroom environment and how these devices could actually make a previously boring lesson captivating and interesting to attend. 4. I was appalled by the fact that the coherence of a federal system depends on the extent to which all factors are shared equitably among the states.

I also learned that in an asymmetrical system, the component states do not share the common features unlike in symmetrical system where the features are shared equitably. I found the citizenry right to vote and the democratic space to be dependent on the two aspects. Therefore, though we may sometimes ignore, the citizens right to vote is a critical right that dictates how features have to be shared among the competing sides. The fact that I found interesting and true in this comment is that people do complain of bad governance but they do not participate in changing the governance through their right to vote in good governance.

It is then obvious that a vote is the single most important weapon that any citizen could use to effect the required changes in governance. As such, I find the conclusion that, everyone has a duty of ensuring they make the difference they would like to see in governance through voting true and a good reflection of the text. 5.

Firstly, I was surprised with the differences between the taxation systems for the countrys major highways. The bottom line would be coming up with a charge that has to be levied directly on highway users, in a manner that is sustainable, efficient, and fair to users and that depends on the operating cost of each facility. I also noted that one of the major concerns among the people is whether the government could invade their privacy by tracking their whereabouts, a fear that could be addressed by the relevant authorities.

I also noted that a reliable and efficient system has to allow the motorist choices concerning payment of their mileage charges. Surprisingly, per mile tolling is the best approach in levying highway charges compared to fuel taxes tolling. I find this comment with an interesting point worth considering. It is true that currently, vehicle manufacturers are updating their technological advances resulting in improved vehicle brands that do consume much less compared to the contemporary car. The writer notes correctly that as such, fuel based charges would gradually decline with time as more fuel, efficient vehicles enter the market.

It is however surprising for the writer to insinuate that most construction projects have been completed and that there would be no need for more. I found this comment surprising considering that road maintenance is expensive and requires huge budgets across the country. Work cited Clifton Jon. Business Deaths Are Hampering Job Growth. Gallup. March 4, 2015. http: //www. gallup. com/opinion/behavioral-economy/181841/business-deaths-hampering-job-growth. aspx April 26, 2015.

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