Essays on Strategic Management and Government Performance Coursework

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The paper "Strategic Management and Government Performance " is a great example of management coursework.   Strategic management is a highly recommended methodology for organizations that seek high performance and competitiveness, especially if well implemented (Simerson, 2011). Government institutions and agencies are mostly the largest employers one can find and are relied upon to deliver the best services even in the face of challenges related to limited resources and complexity of operations (Anthopoulos & Fitsilis, 2014). Strategic management remains a widely accepted feature in the running of government agencies so that it is difficult to find an institution at whatever level of government that does not at least have a plan (Starling, 2011).

Considering the need for optimal service delivery and the possible weaknesses of strategic management however, the question arises of whether strategic management really matters in the improvement of government performance. While it may have its shortcomings, strategic management is useful in ensuring maximum government performance. This paper discusses the role of strategic management in government service delivery and argues that it matters a lot in ensuring government effectiveness. Arguments for Strategic Management Five main arguments may be put forward to show the usefulness of strategic management in determining overall performance.

First, it is a useful tool in the comprehensive assessment and development of organizational competence. Agwu & Awele (2015) explain that the approach is helpful especially as it places greater value on the identification and strengthening of core competencies, which in the long run ensures that individual and overall organizational performance is maximized. Hill & Jones (2011) agree that it especially avails organizational perspectives for government entities. Normally, the assessment of competencies tends to overlook the wholeness of an organization and how each of its component parts is interrelated.

However, with strategic management, there is a broader organizational perspective where all components are included and their interrelationships incorporated in coming up with a strategy that is optimal for the entire organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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