Essays on The Challenges Businesses Face in Australia and in the World Case Study

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The paper “ The Challenges Businesses Face in Australia and in the World” is an actual variant of case study on business. “ Business in Australia would be better served if more politicians had business experience rather from coming from legal or academic backgrounds or just being professional politicians. ” In every corner of the world, business forms the core system that supports the economy of the nation (Chebankova, 2010, p. 25). To this end, it has become the responsibility of all and sundry is in ensuring that the business environment is well protected.

A number of challenges face the world of business, especially in Australia. This paper aims at examining the challenges that businesses face in the world, using Australia as a sample case study. It is noted that politicians play a huge role in the facilitation of the growth or provision of the environment conducive for the conduct of business. politicians are embarked on the task of designing policies that could either make or break the world of business (Lux et al 2011, p. 224). it is important to have politicians who are business-oriented and who believe that the strength of the nation is catered for by having economic strength in the first place.

This paper shall examine and establish whether it is more served to have politicians have a business experience rather than coming from political experience and legal backgrounds. Business situation in AustraliaAustralia has managed to effectively place itself as a big exporter of agricultural produce and energy. The agricultural products comprise of wheat and wool from many sheep in the region. Energy is in the form of coal and natural gas in its liquefied form.

The USA, Japan as well as China constitute one of the largest export markets of the products from this country. The Australian people are industrious in nature and as such, the business acumen has been captured and nurtured to enable the nation to progress into becoming a business icon in the world. Despite these achievements which have come about in a relatively short time period, the potential for Australia is still so massive that if well exploited, the country could be on its way to achieving the same level of economic strength, goodwill, and power that are synonymous to a powerful economic set – up.

The question then lingers in what could be the actual reasons that hinder this great potentially economic strong country from blossoming into the greatness that awaits it. The answer to this question is explored through the discussion in the ensuing paragraphs. Politics versus business in AustraliaIn Australia, the business dynamics intertwine with the selfish and sometimes misguided interests of politicians in this country. Just like any other nation of the world, politics plays a great role in the running and setting up of policies, standards and even precedents in every nation (Jackson, 2006, p.

2; Tang, 2009, p. 1). The political strength of nations is a phenomenon that determines where the countries will be heading in the form of economic power. In other words, the politician's design and pass policies that are meant to either uplift or clip the economy of the nation. However, in Australia, being a constitutional democracy that recognizes and embraces the will of economic strength, the politicians try and make policies that are in line with this.


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