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The paper "Mdrink Ltd Business Re-engineering " is a perfect example of a business case study. Mdrink Ltd is the leading soft drink producer in Australia having over 4 deports across the country with over 30 nonalcoholic brands. The Mdrink brands are very valuables brands across the country. The company started in 1975 and has continued for many decades passing through many tribulations and successes. As late as 2000, the company was one of the most respected companies within Australia, a leading brand and is known for its successful management team.

The company has stuck with old technology for a long time and it has reached for the company to adopt current technology and integrated aspect. The purpose of this paper is to assess the current situation of Mdrink Ltd and the industry, evaluate the existing resources, suggest a strategy and provide recommendations, a specific strategy that will help to match the current market competence, the cost and the new integrated information system to be adopted by the company. This paper aimed at discussing the business re-engineering plan of a company trading in the soft drink industry.

The paper is divided into 10 major sections; these include a business overview, giving the company background, company objective, mission statements among other information concerning the company. Secondly, the paper discusses business project analysis, giving major areas which the project needs to work on and why they are necessary. Thirdly, the report discusses the analysis team, people who will be involved in the business analysis process. This part also discusses the external and internal business environment. Fourthly, the paper discusses the business analysis team of ICT.

Fifth, the paper discusses business process analysis and decision process in the firm. The paper discusses the customer relationship database and lastly project plan and budget. 2.0Business overview 2.1Company Background The Mdrink Company manufactures markets and distributes nonalcoholic beverages. The company owns licenses for over 30 brands which include diet and light beverages, water, and juice and energy drinks. The company has ownership interests in the numerous bottling and canning operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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