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The paper "Strategic Marketing Plan for SportUNE" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. SportUNE is an organization involved in the provision of sports services and products to a number of customers in Australia, with the focus on flexibility and variety in the nature of sporting products and services offered. The company has mainly cooperated with the University of New England in the provision of these products and services to the students and staff of the university (Smith, 2009). In addition, the company has engaged in a 7 days a week provision of a friendly sporting environment with the focus on accomplishing the needs of people of various demographic characteristics. The organization has played a significant role in the accomplishment of its customers’ balanced, healthier lifestyles by coming up with programs where instructors provide instructions to people who need to perform physical exercises.

The company has a culture of friendliness and supportiveness in the provision of sporting support services to its customers. This has been facilitated by the free membership of interested individuals (Lunney & Oliphant, 2010). It is also open to individuals who would like to become members of the fitness professional team.

There are rates of becoming a member based on the preferred duration. The organization allows those who have joined to get free access to the gyms, while students get 205 discounts when they become members of SportUNE. The organization also offers corporate fitness well-being services for businesses so that the benefits of a healthy workforce can be attained. The organization also boasts of a number of facilities such as gym, café , group fitness rooms, outdoor netball, basketball and tennis courts, and playing fields for football and rugby, Bellevue Cricket grounds, swimming pools that are open to the public where events such as Aqua acrobatics, lap swimming, and Harwood Swim take place.

There are also free crè che services for children aged 2 months to 5 years of age (Hall, Boreham & Stokes, 2004). In addition, the organization has cafes where people can have snacks while socializing with friends, indoor climbing wall with the availability of assistance from club supervisors. There are also multipurpose halls and tennis courts where indoor games such as table tennis and badminton can be played.

The organization also has squash courts that are open for use. There are two glass back squash courts that can be used by the community and facilities are also available for hire. The organization has customer service teams that can be accessed at any time to seek their services. In addition, the organization has special events day such as Golf day where interested individuals can register to participate. Various sporting events take place at the facilities of SportUNE such as intercollegiate sports that include football, volleyball, netball, swimming, touch football and hockey among others (Baker, 2010).

In addition, the facilities host a number of university games for student-athletes from Queensland and Northern Territory. In order to improve the provision of these facilities and services, it has been necessary to come up with the right marketing plan with the focus on achieving strategic goals. This paper explains how strategic marketing for SportUNE will be achieved.


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