Essays on Interview Package on the Position of Customer Service Manager Coursework

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The paper 'Interview Package on the Position of Customer Service Manager" is a great example of management coursework.   This position requires that the manager should have the ability to effectively work being a member of a team. Teamwork is an important aspect of an organization. It makes it easier to achieve the objectives of an organization faster as well as developing good relationships among the employees. They are able to cohesively work together towards the common objectives of an organization. Leadership qualities, in this case, are very important in a bid to ensure that the manager is in a capacity to drive and lead a team of individuals in the organization towards the goal of offering satisfactory services to customers (Weekley & Gier 2010). Communication and interpersonal skills The customer service manager position necessitates that an individual should have well developed both written and verbal skills.

These skills form the foundation of how a relationship may be developed with the customers to accomplish customer service goals and objectives. In line with verbal communication, the evaluation would be the style of communication that an individual uses that is both written and oral communication (Tross & Maurer 2008).

In regards to oral communication, the assessment would on the individual’ s ability to communicate fluently in an informative way during the engagement process with the customers. Demonstrated proficiency customer interactions The candidate should have knowledge of how best to handle customers. Some customers may be rude hence need for the understanding of how best to handle them (Tross & Maurer 2008). Management of issues A lot of issues may arise concerning services that are being offered to customers such customer complaints regarding a certain service.

An individual should be in a position to handle the complaints in the right manner and following the right procedures. Customers are important and their loyalty should always be safeguarded through ensuring that they receive services that are satisfactory in nature (Janz 2009). Basically the key idea is that there should be efficiency and effectiveness in handling customer issues showing them that they are valued by the organization and their satisfaction is the organization’ s happiness. Customer focus It is crucial for the individual to have the ability to develop strong networks of relationship with the customers.

This may involve the modification of the style of communication and approaches used to deal with the customers. Therefore a high degree of focus should be placed on customers who are basically the group targeted by the organization in order to thrive in the world of business (Janz 2009). Interview Preparation This is an important aspect which relates to the questions and place where the interview is to be carried out. These two perspectives form the basis for a successful and up to the standard interview with the ability to yield good results (Tross & Maurer 2008).

The training manager in the organization will be the chair of the panel. He will be the one asking the questions. The human resource manager will be the one who will introduce and welcome the candidates to the interview session as well as conclude. Other individuals who will be present include acting customer service manager who is an expert in this field.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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