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21Source: http: //en. agriturismo-on-line. com/agriturismo_venice. cfm, Agriturismo 2012.211.0 IntroductionThe tourism industry is one of the subsectors that contribute a large portion of most countries’ GDP. The tourism sector mostly involves provision of services that must be tailored to the needs of each individual traveller (Choi, Murray & Kwan 2011). Providers in this subsector of the economy must have a deep understanding of the needs of the travellers who are under their care. It’s a marketer’s duty to ensure that his clients have the most enjoyable time during a visit to any destination which he plans for them.

Every aspect of the trip must be carefully planned to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Rosevine Travel Agency has acquired two new couples as clients. Both couples plan to take a vacation to Venice but have different desires for their holiday and their budget is not the same. Couple A is newlywed and are categorized in the young optimist segment of the Agency’s market segment. Young optimist on holiday want to see as many sites as they can and experience everything a destination has to offer. The second couple is more elderly and are classified in the visible achievement segment thus who need and can afford high quality services during their vacation in Venice.

Thus Rosevine must come up with two different itineraries that will give their clients maximum satisfaction on their trip to Venice. 1.1 Reason for travelling to VeniceVenice is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet as it has world renowned architecture and artwork dating back many centuries ago. Built on a group of 118 islands and numerous canals Venice is like a city floating in the Lagoon (Newman 2009).

It is listed as one of the world’s heritage sites due to its numerous cultural assets. This beautiful setting provides couple A with a romantic destination where they can see many beautiful sites as they share their love. For couple B Venice’s richness in history and artwork interests their search for knowledge and understanding of the world. 2.0. Venice Itinerary 2.1 Venice 7-Day Itinerary for Couple ACost: € 8,000Itinerary InformationToday’s Date: Thursday 30th August with departure on Thursday 6th SeptemberReservation ID: VenPR45Agency InformationRosevine Travel Agency4539 MelbourneAgency Phone: 777-3000 Rosevine-Dharma TouristDay 1Airport ReceptionTake a shared water Taxi across the Laguna Venetia and enjoy the great view on the ride. The Alfredo the boatman (Contact 00910380666) will be holding two signs with your names at the airport.

He will take to the Hilton Molino Stucky. The boat takes approximately 45 minutes to cross the Lagoon. 1 shared water taxi2 passengers30th August 2012Hotel: Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice (☆☆☆☆)Enjoy a splendid view of the Venice night from the balcony facing the Lagoon. 7 Nights1 Room with view of the canalDay 2: Explore the Venice IslandsTake a Vapporetta from the Zattere stop at 9:00 am and arrive 20 minutes later at later at the Piazza San Marco. 9:20am.

Here you can visit the San Marco Cathedral and go to the top tower using the elevator to enjoy an amazing bird’s view of the Canal city. From the Cathedral you can walk back into the past at Doge’s palace and have an insight into the city’s Renaissance history. 2:00 pm. Take a water Taxi to explore the Grand Canal and get off at the Rialto Bridge to view the spectacular Marble bridge, built in 1591.

From the Rialto Bridge you can walk to the Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art and Museum of Oriental Art. 5:00 pm. Take the Vapporetta back to Zattere where the Hilton Stucky Milano shuttle will pick you up. 2 Vapporetta tickets2 museum passes1 private boat31st August 201 2Day 310.00am. Take the water taxi to the Campo Santa Margherita Meseum where they have the best saloons of art. 02.30pm. Take a Vaporretta to Lido Island and enjoy the public beaches of the Island. 5:00 pm.

Take the Vapporetta back to Zatere where the Hotel shuttle will take you back to the hotel for the night. Enjoy the Saturday night happy hour at the Hotel’s rooftop bar. 1 Water taxi2 passengers2 Vapporetta tickets1st September 2012Day 4: Relax indoors and on the BeachHave breakfast inside the hotel in a Venetian setting. Have some massages for two hours using traditional herbsDo some window shopping in Ottico Fabbricatore a one stop shop for Italian elegance and tour the markets around for any souvenirs. Cruise across the lagoon on a luxury boat. Take a brisk walk at Jesolo beach hotel as the sun is setting and take dinner a cocktail on its pristine beach.

Thereafter spend time in a Jacuzzi. 1 luxury boat2 passengers2nd September 2012Day 5: Tour Murano, Burano and TorcellaDiscover the wonders of Venice on the neighbouring Islands of the Lagoon by taking a journey to Venice’s famous glasswork centers. Take the Vaporretta at the Zarreta stop at 10:00am and interconnect for the trip Murano Island at 11:30am. Shop for the finest romantic pieces of Murano glassware. At 1:00pm. Take a motor boat to Burano and through its canal’s viewing the beautiful painted houses of the island. At 3:00 pm.

Cross over to Torcella by Vapporetta and cycle around this romantic island experiencing its rich history and architecture. At 7:00pm. Take a shared water taxi back to the Zattere stop where the Hotel shuttle will pick you up for dinner with the bride’s parents at 7.30pm. 2 Vapporetta tickets2 bicycles1 water taxi3rd August 2012Day 6: Trip to MainlandCheckout of your hotel at 8:00am. From the Zattere stop, take the Vapporetta to the Piazzale Roma where you will take a hired car (Benelux Cars 2012).

Drive for 40 minutes to Padua where you will have coffee at the caffee Pedrochi and view the Frescoes at the Arena Chapel rest at the Orto Botanico the at 12:00am drive further inland to passing through the town of Vicenza to Verona where you will see Juliet’s House made famous by the Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. In the afternoon proceed to Hotel Lido Blue on Lake Garda and windsurf in the lake’s blue waters (TripAdvisor 2012). Take the night train to Trieste arriving at 8:00 pm where you are booked in into the Hotel Continetali (TripAdvisor 2012). 2 Vapporetta tickets1 Museum pass1 hotel room2 nights4th August 2012Day 7: TriesteIn Trieste you can visit Miramare Castle and relax on its exquisite park gardens with a spectacular view of Adriatic Sea, proceed to the Roman ruins and later the Grotta Gigante caves.

Spend your and evening at the Coast watching the sun set over the Adriatic ocean. 1 Museum pass5th August 2012Day 8: Check out of your hotel and drive to Mestre where you can shop as you await your flight.

1 car6th August 20122.2 Venice 7-Day Itinerary for Couple BCost: €30,000Itinerary InformationBooking detailsDateToday’s Date: Thursday 30th AugustReservation ID: VenPR4830th August 2012Agency InformationRosevine Travel Agency4539 MelbourneAgency Phone: 777-3000 Rosevine- DharmaTouristTransfer to HotelTake a private transfer from the Marco Polo airport. Cruise through the Lagoon at leisurely speed enjoying the crisp blue water of at the surf. A porter will meet you holding your confirmation number at the luggage claim area and will lead to the pier where our Hostess will be awaiting you (Goitaly 2012). 2 passengers30th August 2012Hotel: San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort (☆☆☆☆☆)Avoid the Hustle and Bustle of the busy Venetian waterways at this resort where you can relax in its calm environment. Have a good night as your rest, awaiting the ancient pleasures of Venice (Europeupclose 2012). 7 Nights1 Suite Room30th August 2012Day 2: Explores the sights of VeniceTake the Hotels private Boat across the Venetia Lagoon at 10:00 am, arriving at the Piazza San Marco at 10:15am.

You will meet your guide at the plaza who will assist with valuable information on the sites you will see in your tour of Venice.

You can start by taking a breathtaking view of Venice from the Campanile towering 325 feet above the water (Newman 2009). At the nearby Museo Archeologico museum you will be able to explore the history of ancient Venice and Italy, as the various well preserved objects on display take you back hundreds of years (Tripadvisor 2012). You can also rediscover ancient Venice at the Correr Museum. At 12:45pm you can stroll into the old Venetian republic by entering Doge’s palace built over 400 years ago. At 3:00pm after lunch you can hear north to the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal, where you can take shots of the picturesque canal and its Gondolas.

From the Rialto you can take a leisurely Gondola ride back towards St Marks Plaza but get off at Harry’s Bar on the just before you reach Piazza San Marco At Harry’s you can enjoy (Virtual tourists 2012). At 7.00pm a private boat will pick you to take you across your hotel. Enjoy you supper at the Clemente palace Hotel. Sleep well waiting for the next day of Venetian serenity. 1 tour guide2 tourists31st April 2012Day 3: Around Venice islandsDiscover the wonders of Venice on the neighbouring Islands of the Lagoon by taking a journey to Venice’s famous glasswork centers. Take a luxury shared Boat through the Venetia Lagoon at 10:00am arriving at Murano Island at 11:30am.

Here with the help of a former Glassware artist you can shop for the finest of Murano glass while he indulges with the history of glassmaking that started in 982 and the old Serenissimma Republic (Viator 2012).

Spend two hours exploring the Glass Museum (Museo del Vetro) and records of glassmaking. At 1:00pm you can cross over to the Burano Island for Lunch at Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero. The guide will take to the Burano shrines to view the sacred shrines of Salvami Regina, and Festa della Madonna della Salute. At 3:00pm, cross over to Torcella, where you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Fosca. Leave Torcello at 6:15 pm. Take your dinner at Ai Mercanti 8:00pm which serves the best gourmet meals in Venice (Tripadvisor 2012). Cross the lagoon to your Hotel at 10:00pm for a good night sleep. 1 tour guide1 luxury boat1st September 2011Day 4: Mainland TourYou will be dropped at the Piazzale Roma at 8:00am where you’re Chauffer and Tour guide for the day will be waiting for to take you to Mestre and Trieste.

Though a modern town Mestre has some historical sites to offer like the San Girolamo church built in 1261. Head to Trieste a 1 hour 30 minutes, drive from Mestre through the Italian hinterland.

Trieste has many attractive sites for you including the Miramare castle built in 1856 and it numerous works of art and very good view of the Adriatic Sea, the Castle of San Guisto and many other ancient churches and cathedrals (TripAdvisor 2012). Take your lunch of Italian cuisine at Chimera Di Bacco at 2:00pm. Go through history of Trieste and Venice at the Museo Revoltella. Spend your night at the Kempinski Hotel Adriatic (TripAdvisor 2012). 1 chauffer1 tour guide2nd September 2011Day 5: Tour of PisaTake a morning chartered flight to the city of the leaning tower: Pisa.

Have a sumptuous breakfast at the ll peperoncino. Take your chauffer driven tour of Pisa beginning at the Piazza dei Miracoli, then proceed to the leaning tower of Pisa and spend some time in the 5 museums near the tower. Your guide will accompany you throughout the tour explaining the history of Tuscany and the leaning tower of Pisa (TripAdvisor 2012). Have your lunch at Ristorante da Gino. Spend your afternoon at the Museo Dell’ Opera del Duomo museum. Take a chartered flight back to Venice Marco Polo airport and an efficient private transfer to the Hilton Molino Stucky for dinner with the newlyweds at 7.30pm.

From here you will be picked by a private boat to take you back to your Hotel. 1 chartered flight1 Guide2 Tourists3rd September 2011Day 6: Deeper into VeniceYou will be dropped on the St Marks square by the private boat where you will take your breakfast at the restaurante Grand canal at 8:00am. Later a private Gondola will take you to the Galleria dell'Accademia where u can indulge it exhibition of renaissance art (Reidsitaly 2012).

Take your lunch at Ai Cugnai restaurant on your way to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum to see the expressionist paintings and sample the beauty of the outdoor garden filled with sculptures and plants. 1 Gondola4th September 2011Day 7: A private boat will take you across the Lagoon for rest at the Villa Laguna on the long sandy Lido Island where you will have your lunch and play golf at the only Golf course in Venice (Wilson & Thilmany 2006). Enjoy Villa Laguna’s swimming pool as you sip your favourite Venetian liquor. 1 boat18-hole golf club2 golfers5th September 2011Day 8: Check out of Clemente Palace hotel.

Private transfer will take you to the Marco Polo international airport. 1 private boat2 passenger6th September 20113.0 Reasons for selecting the various excursions for the Couples3.1 Reasons for Selecting the Various Excursions for Couple A3.1.1 Segmentation and DemographicsCouple A segmented in the young optimism value segment of the Australian tourist market. Young optimist is aged between ages 20-30 and is approximately 8% of the Australian population. This segment of the market likes to travel and spend times in small groups.

They favour tourist activities over sightseeing, although not as price sensitive as other groups the members are very young and starting out in careers therefore have limited amounts of income (Mehmetoglu et al. 2010). Venice is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world and thus the couple have to always put in mind the price of excursion, accommodation and transport (Jee Hye & Johye n. d.). The itinerary for Couple A involves is planned mostly based on considerations of the P’s of Physical evidence, Place and Price and the products offered in the city of Venice.

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