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The paper 'A Tourist Itinerary Made by Rosevine Travel Agency for Two Australian Couples " is a good example of a tourism case study. The tourism industry is one of the subsectors that contribute to a large portion of most countries’ GDP. The tourism sector mostly involves the provision of services that must be tailored to the needs of each individual traveller (Choi, Murray & Kwan 2011). Providers in this subsector of the economy must have a deep understanding of the needs of the travellers who are under their care. It’ s a marketer’ s duty to ensure that his clients have the most enjoyable time during a visit to any destination which he plans for them.

Every aspect of the trip must be carefully planned to meet the customer’ s satisfaction. Rosevine Travel Agency has acquired two new couples as clients. Both couples plan to take a vacation to Venice but have different desires for their holiday and their budget is not the same. Couple A is newlywed and is categorized in the young optimist segment of the Agency’ s market segment. Young optimist on holiday wants to see as many sites as they can and experience everything a destination has to offer.

The second couple is more elderly and is classified in the visible achievement segment thus who need and can afford high-quality services during their vacation in Venice. Thus Rosevine must come up with two different itineraries that will give their clients maximum satisfaction on their trip to Venice. 1.1 Reason for travelling to Venice Venice is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet as it has world-renowned architecture and artwork dating back many centuries ago.

Built on a group of 118 islands and numerous canals Venice is like a city floating in the Lagoon (Newman 2009). It is listed as one of the world’ s heritage sites due to its numerous cultural assets. This beautiful setting provides a couple of A with a romantic destination where they can see many beautiful sites as they share their love. For a couple, B Venice’ s richness in history and artwork interests their search for knowledge and understanding of the world.



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