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IntroductionThe essence of having teamwork is to work in unison and produce better results unlike a single individual effort can yield (West 2012). It is for this reason that it is important for the assessment of a team’s performance over time. As a team leader, it is my duty to ensure that there is no conflict among the members neither of my team nor with another external team member or team. In the situations where this is not achieved then it is my duty ensure an amicable agreement or a quick resolution of the conflict takes place.

My team is made of four students of which by this time after working together for time now we at least have come to understand each other and learnt to work in peace. However, this has not been a smooth transition from the start as we have experienced a number of hitches on the way but luckily been able to resolve them in time. The following is a summary of the overall performance of our group towards achieving our set goals and objectives. PurposeThe sole purpose of teamwork is to be able to achieve more success with less effort as each individual is to bring in his/her contribution (West 2012).

In some cases, this might not be the norm but it is critical that each partner feels included, has the information and a sense of ownership towards the entire effort. Responsibilities, power, credit, and decision-making are a part of team effort (IESE School 2012). This brings commitment and among the partners a sense of accomplishment (Moore 2007). It is therefore important that as a team we reach agreements and give suggestions where doubts may arise.

One of my team’s main goals is to achieve a coordinated teamwork and improve on our leadership skills. It is also important not to forget that wherever two or more people work together then conflict is inevitable, this is because each individual will always have his/her priorities (Moore 2007). Identifying, understanding and finding out strategies to resolve the conflict in an effort to improve the work environment of a team is the important factor in team effort (Carlopio & Andrewartha 2008).

It is for this reason that another purpose for engaging in teamwork is to work on how to handle such situations as they arise. Team rules, norms, values & structureReflection on the application rules & team normsFrom the beginning, the team charter contains all the rules, norms, values, and structure of the group. Each member is fully aware of these rules and regulations pertaining to the group and agrees to abide by them. As the team leader, it is my duty to ensure that all the members obey the rules and work within the norms of the group agreement.

However, not all has been according to plan although most of the members follow the rules keenly certain behaviors by some members are contrary to the rules and norms of the group. One of the concerns was especially when one member kept on bringing plagiarized work despite warnings from myself as the team leader. Another notable bad conduct by the members is skipping the tutorial class and lectures. It is clear amongst ourselves as team that it is important to attend the lecture session as well as the tutorial class as this enlightens us on the new assignment paper.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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