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Continuous improvement for the environment in Sun Microsystems1. The principles of best practice which is being witnessed in Sun Microsystem is that the company is looking towards improving the work culture by improving productivity and at the same time that they are able to meet the changes in the government regulations which have been implemented. This policy of Sun Microsystem will ensure that the company is able to build on different fronts. While looking towards improving productivity Sun Microsystem aims at improving the work culture. Through this mechanism Sun Microsystem is looking towards flexible working hours where employees are provided more freedom and leverage to act is a more responsible manner.

This will help in increasing productivity as the work force will be satisfied. In addition to it Sun Microsystem also has changed the entire structure so that employees are able to communicate with each other in a better way and has looked towards reducing cost so that the business is able to ensure efficiency and improve the entire process (Cable & Judge, 2006). In respect of government legislation and rules Sun Microsystem is aiming towards improving the conditions under which they work.

To ensure that they are able to abide by it better strategies to reduce carbons have been made. This has already shown positive result as the company was able to ensure that it was able to reduce the targeted carbon well before the deadline of 2012. The overall of strategy of Sun Microsystem thus aims both towards the customers and the society which will benefit their business and help to ensure better efficiency and opportunities of growth2.

The changes which Sun Microsystem is looking to bring in the work culture will have a direct bearing on the motivation of employees which will have an effect on productivity. The fact that Sun Microsystem has looked towards redesigning the structure and location will ensure that the employees are able to access the concerned persons easily. This will have to save precious time which can be used elsewhere to improve the entire business (Clegg & Walsh, 2004). Sun Microsystem is also adopting a strategy where they are looking to cut cost by switching of computers, air conditioners, reducing travel and other things to cut down cost.

This will have relevance for the business as it will help to cut down cost but at the same time reduce the carbons which will benefit them in carbon trading. This strategy will help to spread awareness about the positive steps that the company has taken for the society and will help to attract different section of the society to be able to have faith in the working style of the organization. The overall strategy of Sun Microsystem will help to gain operational efficiency and will benefit the business from different directions.

It will help the company to ensure that they benefit from diverse areas and being able to look after the environment will receive support from different quarters which will thereby ensure improved business opportunities for the future. This will also help to have a pool of loyal customer and will develop the entire business to achieve bigger things

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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