Essays on #2 Ishmael Assignment Assignment

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Ishmael Novel Introduction The narrator of the story is concerned with the categories of people who are takers and the leavers. The takers refer to the kind of people who are influenced by the pleasures of this world and believe on procreation thus altering most of God’s creation. The leavers are regarded to those who live according to the God’s will therefore acting as role models to clearly exemplify the power of God over our lives and that we cannot determine our destiny. The new developments in our world today have been influenced by the takers that some have gone to extend to be viewed as semi gods (John Wiley, 2000). The world experiences most of these scenarios where human beings have believed to control the human life and our daily activities.

The health sector for instance have innovated medical services that alters the physical appearance of an individual. The new innovations include plastic surgery that alters the physical appearance of and one can take new colour complexion. This has been as a result of man’s effort to control human aging to enable them look more young and energetic.

The other exploration by the takers in our current world is the practices of body organs transplant once the patients are infected with various diseses. These include kidney, eye transplants and use of innovated limbs especially when attacked by the cancer. This clearly indicates the man’s efforts in controlling human life’s. Leavers on the other hand when infected with such diseases should set good examples by accepting how God created them (John Wiley, 2000). In conclusion the narrator emphasizes on the effects of takers in influencing our daily lives.

However the leavers who have believe with our God who controls our lives should act as role models to the takers to demonstrate the greatness of our creator. ReferenceJohn Wiley (2000). Ishmael novel. Retrieved 23 September, 2012.From

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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