Essays on 2 Reflective Writings And 1 Action Plan Assignment

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The Experience Working In a Group and an Action PlanMy group’s assignment was to complete the task of effective communication for the Business Communication Consultancy. Communication is giving, receiving or exchange of information, opinions and thoughts through speech, writing or a visual means, so the receiver understands it as intended. There are different channels mediums used in/ for communication, but before then it is advisable to choose them carefully. For the task, my group opted online chats and audio devices due to distance, speed and reliability. My personal experience of giving, receiving and using feedback after complete the task are: Giving feedbackThe art of giving and receiving feedback is one of the principle proficiency for a good communicator to possess.

(Guffey, Mary and Dana, 5). Even with all other tools of leadership combined, lack of feedback makes communication ineffectual. This is because the vision, talent and competencies of the group were exchanged on why we accepted to work on the topic of consultancy, what each of us learnt; our experiences and how the assignment has affected our communication skills. Individually, each member agreed to carry out research to obtain information shared with others through our chosen mediums. I will commence by describing communication as a two way process with an aim of mutual comprehension, where the parties involved not only exchange information but also develop and share a meaning.

To facilitate effective feedback, my communication lines were open, as we had agreed among the group members as well as sharing and discussing my findings through chatting. In case of misunderstanding, we communicated verbally through headphones. Use of feedbackI learnt feedback is so essential for communication to be effective.

It is the only way one can be sure their conveyed information was received, understood or not. I also learnt that good listening skills are important and one either an active or passive listener. I opted active listening since one can intermingle with friends, family and the society while sharing opinions. Therefore, lack of feedback creates a gap in communication. Receiving FeedbackConstant feedback with my group members improved my. This is because they made me feel valued. For example, I did not act on what I got as feedback and it led to poor grades, so I developed a bad attitude towards the topic.

From a personal view, I took feedback as guidance to create for me an improvement path. It also enhanced my self-awareness, understanding and interest for my task. The complete task was implemented in the institution’s communication systems for monitoring long distance student’s performances and interaction both with teammates and supervisors. The system facilitates sharing / using student/ supervisor data to spot areas of weakness, establish effectual communication practices and develop a systematic and coordinated partnership for the learner’s results. The report aligned and scaled up successful practices of community-based organizations for instance the emerging trends in communication and technology, communication instructions and language instruction.

The essence of this was vital in providing pathways and encouragement to grown up learners who are consistent with the practice of long distance learning.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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