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@2010Marco analysisFactors Opportunities Impact on industry Technological Establishment of a weight watchers website which offered weight loss services to customers. Generation of income for the firm. Enabled the firm to offer services to more people especially those who were unable to attend meetingsNew products and services Development of new services and products which help in increasing the competitiveness of a firmEnabled the firm to offer a wide range of products Attracted more customersInternational trade Presence of international markets give a firm an opportunity to market its products and services to about thirty different countries Enabled Weight watchers to effectively market its services to forty countries New targetsProfessionalNew programsHigh number of obese women offered market to weight loss products and servicesDue to stiff competition from weight loss firms, weight watchers new customer targets to include men.

Within the greatly competitive weight control industry, the company was supposed to be in a position that could enable it to stay within trends that had the latent to negatively influence firm and industry revenues and profitability. The application of methods recommended by weight loss doctors promoted business for the company when fad diets were out of fashionIntroduction of two new programs provided customers with more satisfaction and flexibility.

The monthly pass payment enabled customers to make payments to wide range of products such as meetings and tools. Maintained business activities of the firmEnabled the firm to overcome competition and maintain revenues and profitabilityEnabled the firm to offer alternative diets to its customerIt enabled the company to increase consumer value. Industrial analysisITEMSISSUE ANALYSISIMPACT RANKINGThreat of New EntrantsRise in demand of products and servicesPresence of competitorsBrand IdentityPresence of substituteLevel of industry rivalry Requires an industry to expand both internal and external markets for its products and services.

Absence of a well known pharmaceutical option for weight management attracted many weight management firms into the market. The industry to be creative and innovative to enable expansion and sustainability of market opportunity. Requires an industry to come up with strategies that enable meet and deliver services and products to the consumers. Rise in obesity cases led to increased demand for weight loss products and services. Requires a firm to offer high quality products and services in order to thrive in the competitive market.

Weight watchers provided effective weight loss diets and services which attracted many customers. A brand identity helps a firm to advertise market and distinguish itself from similar firms within the industry. It also enables a firm to reach new customers Requires a firm to reduce costs and increase quality of its products in order to attract many customersWhen demand increases, firms are forced to expand and this increases business rivalry. Increase in obese levels led to expansion of the weight loss industry which increased rivalry among firms. High High HighMediummediumLow

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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