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Customer Experience Design Proposal1. need to develop proposed new customer experienceThe need to develop a customer experience is directly related to the proceedings that accompany needs to apply in order to make a correct entry in the market. It is also applicable for the upgradation of the product presentation in the market. There are many companies that are very particular about this upgradation as it makes their product more users’ friendly and thus increasing its demand accordingly. Customer experiences are collected from the derivative results of all interactions. It is very important to have positive customer experiences (Schmitt, B.

2003). For this the experiences are the direct outcome of the design of the operation that has been undertaken in proper format. This is out and out a managerial responsibility. CEM focuses exclusively on the operational design process is twofold. These are - Improved and well knitted key value drivers to differentiate the customer experienceTo have systematic response to address the negative experiences with the customer 2. the target customersThe determination for the realisation of target customer depends out and out in the objective and the motivation of the launching of the product.

Rigby, Darrell K.; Frederick F. Reichheld, Phil Schefter (2002, 101-09), declared that as it is impossible to manage with all kinds of customers it is very important to target in a particularised section. The products can target in a particular customer category on the basis of class, gender, age and social and cultural set up. Choices must be based on specific surveys and research works. In order to have specified results for the detection of the target market it is very important to have prolific speculation over the customer capacity and competency.

This is possible through proper professional training among the managerial cadres and improving processes and technology that enable the organization to get closer to achieving the desired results. It is very necessary to have all kinds of simple and complex systems to achieve desired market outcomes. For Pine, J. and Gilmore, J. (1999), there must be a proper comprehensiveness between humans and technology while interacting. There are many designs that can make the target more closer to the analytical periphery.

These are Proper accumulation of design and execution of targeted marketing campaigns in order to optimize marketing effectiveness (Schmitt, B. and Simonson, A. 1997) Proper design and execution of specific customer campaigns, this must include customer acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, retention all togetherThe market inspection needs to have the analysis of customer behavior to aid product and service decision making (e. g. pricing, new product development etc. ) Comprehensive declarations in the management decisions for the financial forecasting and customer profitability analysis is importantAbsolute researches need to be done for the purpose of prediction of the probability of customer defection. Analytical aspects must be properly handled incases related to the customer relation management (Edwards, John, 2007-11-29).

It is generally needs heavy use of data mining. 3. key featuresThere are certain key features that need to be well maintained in order to have people and the technology support of all kinds of processes. These features affect a customer's experience at the frontline interface that is between the customer and the organization. These important medium of communications are - face to face, phone, IM, chat, email, web and combinations of all media.

The application of self-service kiosk and web self-service are also used for vocals.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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