Essays on The Association between Leadership and Innovation Coursework

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The paper "The Association between Leadership and Innovation " is a good example of management coursework.   The association between leadership and innovation has been under scrutiny by many writers (DuPont, 2002). There has been an argument on whether the type of leadership can stimulate creativity in any situation (Sloane, 2006). Innovation refers to exploiting new ideas successfully. For innovation to happen in an industry, it has to be enabled. The organisation must have a well-defined approach to innovation for it to happen (Scandura & Serapio, 1998). Innovation and creativity have been associated with unconscious thinking.

It has been argued that most people in an organization are creative which can be fostered by having a favorable environment. Organisational culture and the level of innovation are associated (DuPont, 2002). Leaders are tasked with creating a productive environment in the workplace to enhance productivity. Both innovation and leadership are associated with change. For innovation to take place, leaders are expected to create strategies that enhance it (Randall, 2005). The way in which the leaders catalyses creativity and innovation also plays a part in determining its level.

Different organizations have varying levels of creativity and different types of leadership (Yoder-Wise, & Kowalski, 2010). The variety of leadership styles in organizations lead to a dilemma on the best type of leadership style that can enhance creativity and innovation. This essay will discuss whether there is a leadership style which is most suited for the innovative organisation. To achieve this, the essay will use examples and concepts which have been taught in the unit and utilize peer-reviewed journals. Leadership theory has two views on leaders. The theory sees leaders as motivators and architects (Sloane, 2006).

By the two definitions, the main difference is on the emphasis put on motivation and administration. To come up with innovation, there are several environmental contexts and leadership styles that are involved. Leadership has to ensure that they create an environment where experimentation and communication are allowed. Transformational leadership has been associated with tolerating ambiguity and uncertainty which supports innovation. When the idea is at the structural level, there is a need for leadership which allows creativity and tolerates uncertainty involved. Leaders are thus supposed to create organisation environment that is able to allow innovation.

Leaders thus have the ability to impact innovation through motivation as well as being the architects (Sloane, 2006). As the architects in their organizations, they create an environment which is able to support innovation. Transformational leaders are associated with the change in the organisation. When an organisation needs to make fundamental changes, transformational leaders are the most needed. In transformational leadership, both leaders and followers help each other to achieve high morale. The leader is thus very accountable to the followers.

It has also been proved that the leadership style used helps a lot in creating the organisation culture (DuPont, 2002). Transformational leaders are required in an innovative environment. It has also been proved that leaders who advocate for innovation are more transformational as opposed to other leadership styles (DuPont, 2002). Thus most champions in organizations are transformational leaders who are identified through the innovative. The level of innovation in a leader has an impact on their leadership. The influence that a leader has is impacted by the level of innovation in an organisation they lead (Kennedy, 2008).

An example of a transformational leader is Steve Jobs who led Apple inc. to success. Jobs was a transformation leader who believed in innovation. He created an innovative environment at Apple which led to great innovations during his tenure making him a champion.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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