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A fictional characterForrest Gump is a fictional character that has been depicted in the novel by Winston Groom and also in the movie. There are some differences in the two characterizations. The character is little sarcastic and rude but in the movie he is a quiet and innocent character. He is slightly different from rest of the children in his childhood. His mother is his pillar of strength and tries to boost up his morale. His mother’s saying – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get”, is the life principle that he believes in and follows.

He has some physical problem also as he can not walk properly and has to wear braces on his legs. This is symbolic of his external weakness which he overcomes when inspired. As a child he discovers that his so-called weakness can be an inspiration for someone. One of the boarders staying in his house finds his gyrations with the braces very interesting and like the famous Elvis Presley. Forrest teaches him these gyrations. His braces are a limitation for him but when his inner self is evoked, he overcomes this limitation.

As children tease him, and his girlfriend inspires him to run, Forrest, who could only limp or hop, starts limping fast and breaks off the braces and runs faster than any one else. This event is repeated in various forms in his life. He is considered less than average but he out does the average people in many fields. He had an IQ of 75 but he gets the opportunity to meet many important people in his life.

He goes through the most interesting journey of life, joins the army, joins shrimp business, learns ping-pong, goes to China, runs cross country for three years and all along remembers his girlfriend Jenny. He reaches a significant level of success in everything he does and becomes a legendary character.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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