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The paper "How Amazon Satisfies a Need, Comparing Amazon to Barnes & Noble" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Amazon. com is one of the biggest global online stores offering a wide array of merchandise from books, electronic products, apparel, music and home improvement items through its online retail portal www. amazon. com. To satisfy consumer needs, Amazon offers its products to consumers around the globe through various international websites. The organization displays its various products on its online platform, where consumers can browse through and compare prices and versions of the products that are available.

In terms of books, Amazon. com sells over 3 million books from new books to older paperback versions. Consumers view the products online collect the ones they want to buy in a virtual basket and pay for these online through credit card or PayPal. Consumers can either purchase digitized products in terms of books, or they can purchase physical items in terms of books, electronic merchandise, apparels and other products. These physical items are then shipped to consumers (Hof, Sparks, Neuborn, & Zellner, 2007). Amazon stores a customer’ s information securely so that when they make repeat sales, it only takes a single click to complete purchasing an item.

This makes it easy to purchase books online. Further, Amazon. co uses such information to recommend a list of books to customers (Hof, Sparks, Neuborn, & Zellner, 2007). In addition, Amazon. com also sells its products through its electronic e-book reader the Kindle. Kindle is a revolutionary e-book reader which allows consumers to access download and store hundreds of books, magazines, blogs and magazines. Amazon has satisfied consumer needs by expanding both the contents and functionality of the Kindle, which has enabled consumers to easily access Amazon. com’ s digital copies of over 950,000 books and store these books in the device.

Furthermore, the store offers best seller items, with most of the books offered at a lower fixed price of $9.99, or even far less than that. Furthermore, Amazon. com also offers various pre-1923 books for free in its Kindle e-reader.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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