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The paper "Amazon. com Organizational Environment " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. After looking at the Amazon. com website and the website of an existing competitor like Barnes and Noble, various ways in which the company satisfies customer’ s needs can be identified. One area of customer satisfaction is pricing. When evaluating the prices in the Amazon Website and the prices charged by Barnes and Noble, the pricing strategy used by Amazon is much more customer satisfaction as opposed to that provided by Barnes and Noble. A case in point is when a customer wants to purchase a book like Leading from Behind, by Richard Miniter.

The cost of the book in both Amazon. com and Barnes and Noble website is $12.99. However, Amazon’ s pricing strategy is much more superior and customer friendlier as opposed to the pricing offered by Barnes and Noble. Amazon provides additional free shipping service for the book. On the other hand, Barnes and Noble only provide free shipping for products that amount to more than $25. When making a comparison of the prices offered by both websites, what is evident is that Amazon provides prices that are more appealing to the customer and may further bring about satisfaction.

With the rising gas prices, a customer will definitely prefer to buy a product that has free shipping services. As highlighted by Hogan, (2006) a business can utilize its pricing strategy in order to create a competitive advantage against other existing players in the market. This will further result in consumers purchasing more of the company’ s product due to the additional benefits they receive. Amazon also enhances customer satisfaction through the diversity of the products offered.

As indicated by the Website, Amazon provides a wide range of products as opposed to Barnes and Noble. Amazon has diversified its products to offer not just online books and movies, but also one can purchase electronic devices for instance such as iPad, USB Flash Drives, laptops, desktops. Amazon also provides glossary and food, beauty products, baby products just to name but a few.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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