Essays on Motivating Sales Representatives So That They Can Reverse Decline in Sales Assignment

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The paper "  Motivating Sales Representatives So That They Can Reverse Decline in Sales" is a good example of an assignment on marketing. I agree with the assertion that if you pay a salesperson enough money he will be motivated. Motivation can be defined as a driving force that pushes or encourages people to work, for it is meant to initiate action on a certain task. It expands a certain amount of effort on that particular task and to persist in expanding effort over a period of time. A good sales-person is one who possesses personality traits that are in their innate nature to interact with others.

These are often difficult to teach but can be developed with time, depending upon the individual’ s motivation to excel in their field of work. This forms the intrinsic motivation. However, the motivational tendencies of an individual sales-person alone are insufficient as it is also dependent upon extrinsic motivational factors. One of the greatest extrinsic motivational factors happens to be money. Money is the driving factor of almost every human activity in today’ s life; it is the motivation that drives the economies.

The most solid reason why people do what they do on a day to day basis is money. Salespeople have the ability to calculate their commission faster than any supercomputer. A well-paid salesperson will be comfortable because he knows that all his needs are taken care of and doesn’ t have to worry about looking for other means to satisfy his needs. He will, therefore, concentrate more on the job at hand. A study carried out in the united states of 2,019 salespeople, 74% of them said they were motivated by money.

Salespeople work in environments that they are supposed to know their products well and the more motivated, in terms of monetary rewards; they are the more they are likely to go out of their way to do more research about the product in terms of new developments for technological products, for example. A salesperson is that is paid well can go the extra mile to know what the likes of the consumers and clients are. How many times have we set out to get or earn a certain amount of money only for you to achieve the target and realize it is not enough?

A salesperson will set the target of products he or she will sell with the end product in mind. The end product, in this case, is the commission or the amount of money he or she is going to get. As much as people can be driven by sheer determination to achieve a specific goal, most times money is usually the measuring factor that determines the level of achievement of that goal. “ Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. ” . If you pay a salesperson more money, he will be obligated to deliver on his end.

It will be more than just a person doing the sales job just for the sake of it but to fulfill his or her obligation when it comes to delivery of services paid for. Paying salespeople enough money will lead to profit maximization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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