Essays on Present and Future of the Strategic Capabilities and Opportunities of the CFTP Case Study

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The paper “ Present and Future of the Strategic Capabilities and Opportunities of the CFTP” is a thrilling example of a case study on management. Strategic capabilities entail the set of resources, skills, and capacities that helps in establishing a permanent competitive edge for the business. Strategic capabilities help firms to attain high returns besides establishing organizational dexterity. The present strategic capabilities for CFTP include its knowledge, relationships with members of the supply chain, skillful and quality management, expertise and engineering skills, competent workers, high-quality service, flexibility and speed, training opportunities for staff, younger team and adequate equipment.

The future strategic capabilities include research and development, change, strategic alliances and partnership with local firms. With respect to research and development, the company has continuously practiced sustainable development through inventing and developing machinery that requires no chemical fertilizers. The firm’ s core competencies relate to satisfying the customer's needs and are founded on organizational knowledge and skills. The company also has distinctive capabilities that cannot be imitated by other firms besides threshold capabilities required for the firm to attain its needs to compete in the market.

The firm also holds dynamic capabilities that allow its strategic capabilities to recreate and renew its strategies to meet the requirements of the changing business environment. The firms’ relationship with governmental regulations in host nations promotes its competitive edge. The firm’ s market power is another capability that helps CFTP in attaining a competitive edge. This capability helps the firm to augment its bargaining power and attain economies of scale. Market power also allows the firm to anticipate surfacing prospects in foreign nations, coordinate vertical integration and augment profit margins. Strengths and Weaknesses of CapabilitiesThe fact that CFTP holds adequate equipment, skillful workforce, capital resources, effective and inclusive management, and training prospects ensures that the company provides high-quality services to its clients.

These capabilities help the company in winning an extensive market-share besides securing a competitive edge. In addition, these strategic capabilities allow the company to win an invitation to tender. The capabilities also place the company at a position where it can collaborate and cooperate with other companies which in turn help the company to gain easier access to the market.

Collaborating and cooperating with other firms helps the firm to broaden its skills as the firm concentrates on its speciality. However, cooperating with other firms can lead to loss of market given that some firms can copy the expertise and skills of the firm. Sub-contracting or partnering with other companies can also lead to loss of market share and low pricing (Melle & Ulvoas 2010, p. 6). CFTP hold the ability to engage in a group of firms when tendering. This form of tendering allows one firm to be the major contractor.

This strategy make huge firm to dismiss sub-contractors prices thereby pushing small firms out of the business. The company can also choose to specialize in what it is good at and as a result, can provide competitive and satisfying prices. This strategy allows the firm to engage in a partnership that facilitates understanding of the market and provision of quality services. There are new prospects for the company in other countries such as north-African nations. Increased environmental concerns have increased the need for CFTP services, hence more opportunities for the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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