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The paper "Factors that Affect Online Shopping for Books" is a good example of a marketing case study.   This paper has delved in making a deep analysis of the factors that affect online shopping for books. It is noted that each semester college students always purchase more books online (Prussakov 2008). Online retailers like versity. com and bigwords. com have experienced an increase in the volume of their sales, especially to students. It is fundamental to note that internet has become a very good platform for product marketing. Growth on the internet has enabled online retailers to capture a bigger portion of the books market.

This is because online shopping has been seen to be very efficient and easy hence making it attractive to many buyers. It is therefore wise to ascertain some of the factors that have promoted this increase in online shopping for books. In a nutshell, the paper has also studied some of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for books online rather than traditional shopping (Razek 2000). There are several factors that affect shopping. The main one is age.

Old people rarely buy books as compared to young people. Young people are involved in the interactivity of the internet and its impact on marketing activities is felt by young people more than it is to the old people. It has always been found that the internet allows people to interact and pass messages. The Internet has allowed goods to be sold in specific markets through differentiation of the markets. This research will try to investigate how the interactivity of the internet affects marketing activities. Another factor is social class.

The wealthy people always buy books more than others. This is because it is assumed that the wealth people read a lot and they buy more books. Culture also is a factor. Some communities are deemed readers that others. Therefore it is necessary to scrutinize all those factors before presenting a good to the market. The demographic factor of the population is another crucial aspect to look at. The age distribution, the gender and specifically their interests in reading books are the major drivers to the demand of books. Accessibility to proper infrastructure like the internet is another factor especially considering this is an online business. Online purchase of books is the process whereby an individual buys a book directly from the internet without involving any intermediary.

This process always takes place through online shops, webshops or even e-shops. Buyers always visit the relevant websites where they search for viable sellers through a search engine. While shopping for the books online buyers have the opportunity to accumulate the number of books that they need in special software called a shopping cart.

This does the same purpose as the basket used in the physical purchase (Razek 2000). The buyers are supposed to have a mode of payment that will allow the transfer of money to the seller through online money transfer. Most buyers always use credit cards to pay for their purchases. The major differences between online shopping for books and traditional shopping are that the former does not require the buyer to physically carry the books in a basket while the latter requires the physical carrying of the items on a shopping basket. Online shopping just requires the buyer to access the website after which he/she carries out the purchase while the traditional shopping requires the buyer to drive or move to the store (Sathaye 2000).

Online shopping for books does not allow the buyer to physically touch the book, see, or feel it. On the other hand, traditional shopping allows the buyer to feel, see, or even touch the book to ascertain the quality and the type.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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