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Individual Plan Current system and practices Unilever has two main sourcing practices for active and passive candi s. This is either internal or external sourcing. However, the sourcing method to use depends on the job position. For job promotion, we use internal sourcing. This is where the candidate selection comes fro the organization. The HR department is responsible for candidate filing, and final selection lies on the management. In sourcing for new ground level employees, external sourcing takes place. In these, second party interviewing company does the recruiting and filing process.

They then deliver the best shortlisted candidates to the management for final decisions. At the time, the use of both sourcing techniques takes place (Bullen, 2010). Theory The sourcing technique used must satisfy the organizations’ demands; proper planning and development must be ensured. There comes out the need for a proper source definition that ensures; good management of time, resources, range in the budget plan and best in securing candidate availability. Theories that guide into the definition of best strategies include best employee sourcing, HR’s considerations source selection. This will see fit that sources fish best from the source(Wayne, 2007). Analysis Poor HR planning in unilever has been evident due to the presence of low skilled personnel entry into the organization.

Their planning should convey a wide range of determining principles in sourcing methods. This is the process through which the organization will ensure efficient sourcing. This planning involves the selection, analysis and putting into practice those methods that will ensure the company sources only the best there is for recruitment. In doing this, the company sets rules that will involve selecting the best primary recruiting force, setting its efficiency conditions budgeting and timing.

A poor plan will result into failed sourcing, acquisition of substandard skilled workforce, lack of innovative idea and strategic planners. This costs the organization greatly as a result of wastage resources (Achim, 2005.). Recommendation Unilever should find them an appropriate sourcing strategy in order to find the best in their want list. The HR’s planning should be well strategized, reviewed and implemented. They should make sure that their sourcing techniques best fit the talent they require. They should use internal sourcing appropriately to facilitate promotions and internal reshuffle within the e organization.

The body conducting the interviews should be high quality, disciplined and maintain the range of the recommended company standard (Kapoor 2003.)s. They should do it within their budget and time specified to ensure they reach their targets. I searching for external recruits for new entry into the organization, they consider giving external recruiters the task. They should give them required standards and follow up to make sure their requirements are met. They should also create their own recruiting systems online.

With this, they will individually access their active recruits and ensure standard is maintained. With this, they will be sure of getting their employees un the standards they set after all they have higher chances of acquiring what they need if they do themselves rather than assigning others the task to do the search(The University of Michigan, 2004). References Bullen, C. V., 2010. Implementing Strategic Sourcing: A Managers Guide to World Class Best Practices. USA: Van Haren Publishing. The University of Michigan, 2004. Competitive sourcing and the morale of federal employees.

Rand. Achim, K., 2005. Performance Management for Different Employee Groups: A Contribution to Employment Systems Theory. USA: Springer. Wayne, F. C., 2007. HR Strategies for Employee Engagement (Collection). FT Press. Kapoor, 2003. Service Marketing: Concepts & Practices. Tata McGraw-Hill Education.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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