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The article explains or highlights the ventures of TDF (telecommunications development Fund). It invests in companies moving into the field of telecommunications globally. TDF had discovered while it was working with different new companies that there was limited information being provided on corporate governance. So it planned or designed a program to enable such companies and help them to understand the corporate governance. TDF arranged classrooms which provide general information on establishing and working with a board and its individual directors. The article highlights the efforts of different people who have participated in designing the program.

It is good efforts in helping new companies gain enough knowledge as to the processes and rules set by governments. It also invites the entrepreneurs to contribute and share their views and knowledge in support of the program. Summary of Finishing the JobThe third article understudy was published in September 2009. The article basically points out a universal fact that the use of mobiles will become the most common means of communications. According to the article the next step in spreading this communication channel will be internet access.

All around the world the graphs indicate the increase in the use of mobile phones to almost 100%. However this does not indicate that everyone has a mobile. There are certain areas or groups which are not potential customers. According to the secretary general of the International Communication Union once the mobile density reaches it maximum then the next step will be to provide the same level of internet access to the current users of mobile phones. However there are obstacles as suggested in the article on the universal access of mobiles and beyond that to internet.

The developing countries like Africa still need a proper linkage which is still being planned. It is clear from the study of this article that mobile phones have made a great difference in the lives of more and more people. The mobile phones are the latest in the technology relating to communication which started off with telegraph in 1971. Since then there was no looking back in the advancement or growth of this industry. Summary of Eureka MomentsThe article studies here describe or highlights how the use of mobiles have now turned from a luxury item to a basic tool of global communication and development.

The turnover from being luxury to now a commodity took place when prepaid system was introduced. All the methods that are being implemented to enhance or increase the growth for the telecommunications point out that within the next few years all channels will be flourishing. They not only create markets for jobs but also bring in investments and provide tax revenues for governments. The interested fact highlighted by one of the surveyors was that telecom technology was promoting growth on a much more efficient level in the developing countries rather than the developed ones.

at the end of the article various benefits of the telecommunication especially the mobile usage are described in which an interesting point is highlighted that they were used for monitoring elections in countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Sierra Lone. Not only is it a means of economic growth or development but that of social and political growth as well. This also highlights the importance mobile communication holds in our routine life.

It truly has become a necessity in our lives rather than being a luxury item.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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