Essays on Working with the Metropolitan Hospital as an Anesthesiologist Case Study

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The paper "Working with the Metropolitan Hospital as an Anesthesiologist" is a perfect example of a case study on nursing. In this case, while working with the metropolitan hospital as an anesthesiologist, there was a dilemma. First, the client appeared in the hospital and demanded a female anesthesiologist who was provided. She was given the name of the person who was to carry out the operation and noticed that the anesthesiologist was a Black America woman. The patient did not want to be attended by the Black American woman and demand a change.

The patient demanded a White American. At the time the customer was demanding it was too early and it was possible to contact the lawyer or the ethical board. The case involves two judgments that could have taken place in order to solve the situation. The first decision was to make an immediate arrangement for the White American anesthesiologist. The second decision was to ask the patient to accept to be treated by African Americans or seek services from another hospital. Strength and Weakness The case had a number of weaknesses and strengths.

The hospital had some strengths and also a weakness as well as the patient. The hospital provides high-quality services to the customers and many people like to receive the services from the hospital. This strength enables the hospital to receive more patients in a day. The patient had complained but had confidence in the quality of services. It was easy to convince the patient to accept the treatment from the African American woman because the hospital had not experienced cases of poor treatment. The hospital also had more facilities and more doctors who provide care.

Also, in this case, the patient refused to accept the African American anesthesiologist. The patient refused the anesthesiologist at the last minute and it was easy to find a person from the counseling department to provide advice on the benefits of being attended by an African America. On the side of weakness, there were more issues in the case. First, the patient demanded change while it was too late. The hospital had organized for a black American woman to carry out the operation and planned for the day's activities.

The hospital works with hours and shifts and already the duty roster had been prepared. It was inconvenient to tamper with the duty roster and find a White American to attend the patient to replace the Black American woman. The patient also noticed the name of the anesthesiologist and demanded a change at 7 am, and it was too early to contact the hospital ethical board and the lawyer in order to make an appropriate decision. Opinion and Reason The opinion to consider in this case is to advise the patient accordingly.

The customer had issues of discrimination. The right decision is to advise the patient about medical treatments and medical professionals in order to accept the anesthesiologist. The reason beyond the opinion is that it was more complicated to change the entire system and search for a White American. Advising the patient will help in saving the hospital time and cost because it was necessary to compensate the white American anesthesiologist after the change.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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