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The paper "Generic Induction Program" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. This is a system that guides the management of any organization the best techniques of ensuring the provision of quality services and the safety of their employees. Training systematically that a new employee must undergo is also captured here It is through the implementation of this program which workers and clients of the organization become less vulnerable to any hazard that the environment they are in or the job they are doing can cause to them(Booth et al 2009 pg. 17). Time to relax center is a place that is dedicated to offering the best and quality service to their clients.

The human resource manager found it best to implement it in all sects of this to enhance the safety of their customers and even their staff members (Booth et al 2009 pg. 42). The following is, therefore, a proposal about the project they are to launch and why they should implement it; Welcome Is the first step in generic induction which deals with the recruitment of employees. The human resource manager introduces him to the staff board.

It gives guidelines of protocols that are observed when a worker is welcomed to the institution. It follows that a new employee is introduced to the reception panel, followed by fellow workmates when he is new to the organization. This familiarizes the new member to the surroundings and builds comfort and confidence (Booth et al 2009 pg. 68). Introduction to employment Filling commencing forms and signing them to show commitment and acceptance to take the job is what follows. All documents of the job beginner are taken into account and now introduced to the actual job that waits.

Security care and how it is conducted are informed, as well as any other protocol observed within the organization. This includes items like how payments are made rules and regulations of the firm and any facility within the organization. This is a responsibility held by the human resource manager.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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