Essays on Nurturing an Ethical and Diverse Workplace Assignment

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The paper "Nurturing an Ethical and Diverse Workplace" is a great example of an assignment on human resources. I would form organizational multicultural teams to reap the benefits of diversity.   Step one I seek employees’ diversity information including age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, and education background amongst others. Since accessing this information would be limited, I would offer to sign a confidentiality nondisclosure form or acknowledgment (Cox, 2001). I would also access the human resources policies for information on organizational diversity management. Step two I would then classify the employees into four generations namely traditionalists, generation Y, generation X, and baby boomers.

Each generation would be formed of employees with disabilities, and different employees’ ethical and racial makeup amongst other diversity considerations (Cox, 2001). Step threeThe team would be reinforced using a staff survey, to obtain and list the work experiences of each working member in the company. From the list, I would focus on building teams of employees who represent cross-functional capabilities (Cox, 2001). At all costs, the representation of team members would people from different departments, and who do not perform the same job functions.

In every group, staff training will be done and teamwork provided and findings reviewed for multicultural competence work. Additionally, multicultural teamwork would involve integrating, multicultural skills development into staff development; introduce self-assessments, goals setting, and evaluation of performance; and set board diversity goals. The teams would also be mixed up to include salaried, professional, and casual workers who participate from all job perspectives and functions. Step four In each team, I would then identify employees with diverse cultural experiences outside work to assist in overseeing engagement around the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization.

This person would oversee the integration of culturally specific practices, and members’ acceptance and adjustments to differences (Cox, 2001). From the nominated culturally experienced employee, I would receive feedback for use in the modification of organizational practices and processes.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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