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The paper 'Career Resources' is a great example of a Business Assignment. Information is a resource on its own and an asset to others. Information seeking is the process of attempting to obtain or gather information in both technological and human contexts. Searching for information, retrieving it and using it are a process that one has to go through in order to get the required information. While dealing with clients, the information that they need should be useful, clear, and not vague. High-quality information is also vital to the client. There are several ways and processes of acquiring information that is of high excellence, which will save time and ensure that the expected results have been captured.

Presentation of the final report is also vital since this will determine your level of professionalism and if the clients will have a loyalty to the business. Sixth Journal Entry Week 11 This week’ s lesson was about providing high-quality information to the client, but not providing a solution. Even if, a client gives a general overview of what he or she is expected, one should not take it as the concrete information.

This is because, clients, usually have a vague idea of what to expect. I learned that the client’ s requirements should be well done, in a synopsis way, and all questions should be included in it. I also noted that it is necessary to have objectives that are written down, to ease the search process. They should be brief, and a maximum of four. While searching, it is essential to include the keywords and synonyms that will not take the search engine off the target. One main factor is the choice of an online resource to be used.

Since there are several research tools, it is best to choose the one that will best suit the results that you are aiming for. The set objectives that were written down is what will guide you in the process of looking for the best search tool. I had to learn that bibliographic or abstract databases are not the best for providing information, and one should be aware of them. Before learning this, I used to type in the whole question and get many irrelevant results from that.

The search strategy needs to address the objectives of the information being searched. Still in the search strategy, when searching for a certain topic, one should use field searching because some databases usually have topics list that can be tremendously helpful. What was also helpful in this unit was learning how to present a report to the client. It should have a specific format, which includes the Executive summary or the abstract, introduction, the body, and finally the conclusion.

One thing that I have not been doing in my past works was citing the information that I had gotten from another source. I got to realize that in-text citing is notable since it avoids plagiarism because it is an offense. At the end of the report, the sources should be referenced in the correct format, and in alphabetical order. Now I understand why lecturers stress on referencing and citing of works all the time.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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