Essays on Marketing Management of Opera Australia Assignment

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The paper "Marketing Management of Opera Australia" is a good example of a marketing assignment.   Opera Australia's business philosophy is basically based on its core values and mission statement. The business philosophy strongly supports that the success of the company relies on the customers and that in order to achieve the set objectives, the core values must be incorporated in all facer of the company. The company vigorously measures itself against these core values that ensure that the set strategies and mission are maintained. The core values that drive the aspect of the company include solution innovation and technology platforms.

Under this, the company has devoted itself to creating the latest blogs that are detailed with images, text and to some extent some videos. These blogs are searched via the database. The technology introduces another value, creating a long term relationship with the customer. The blogs offer a platform where the company can interact with the customers. For instance, when the company launches the series, the audience was invited to comment on the company’ s production. Opera Australia cleared stated the purpose of the blog which was to offer a place to voice the audience's thoughts, enquire and give feedback on the company shows.

The blog proves the third core value of the company; understanding customers. It also proves the fourth value which is to have a high degree of availability. Indeed, Opera Australia has increased its availability through other social networks such as facebook and twitter. It is obvious from the case study that the company had several feedbacks from the audience. b). Market campaigning is a basic requirement in most companies.

However, it has both advantages and disadvantages to companies and businesses. It is important to note that businesses usually thrive when effecting marketing campaigns are done (Kotler & Keller 2006). A marketing campaign allows the company to make aware of its services to potential customers. As such, potential customers are made aware of the existence of such services and are in a position to buy. Some of the marketing campaign tools are easy and cheap to adopt, therefore, the company may not use incur a huge cost in this activity.

The marketing campaign creates confidence as the customers feel more confident while engaging in the services or products offered by the company. This is because market campaigning creates a sense of reputable, stable and professional. The marketing campaign gives an impression of a company being existence which may not be so if a company stops marketing. As such consistence campaigning does yield excellent results. It also gives a competitive advantage during a slow economy. The majority of clients create a sense of positive reaction towards the company as it shows its commitment to its services. However, various disadvantages are associated with market campaigns include; the cost of market campaigns may be too high especially in situations where the company is using some expensive tools such as magazines.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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