Essays on Environmental Clues and How They Influence Your Expectations for Communication Assignment

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The paper "Environmental Clues and How They Influence Your Expectations for Communication" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. I tend to assume that shabbily dressed speakers in official communication scenarios would often make poor speakers as it shows a lack of serious preparation and often mastery of the topic content. Medium of communication The medium of communication in this case is used to imply the physical proximity between the people involved in a communication. I often tend to associate effective communication with close proximity between the communicators or what would be referred to as face to face communication. Venue/ room The general setting of the venue such as furniture arrangement, decorations if any, as well as the presence of the public address system, will often imply a sense of sufficient prior arrangement and organization and therefore the possibility of receiving well-researched and prepared speeches from well-prepared speakers. 1.2.2 How does context influence your communication?

Consider the language and culture people grew up with, and the role these play in communication styles The context will influence the choice of words used by an individual.

As one grows within society, he gets acquainted with certain common words and cliché s within the same society. As a result, such individuals tend to constantly use such common words in communication and might have very few new vocabularies in their communication. Culture determines the composition of the environment through which one is brought. Aspects of culture such as courteous responses, addressing the elderly in society as well as reaction to provocation and related scenarios will often be greatly considered in any communication. 1.3.1 Recall a time when you gave a speech in front of a group.

How did you feel? What was your experience? What did you learn from your experience? My first time ever to make a speech was during our graduation ceremony when I was picked upon to give a class valedictorian speech. I initially felt tensed and nervous. Tension and fear took a better part of me and for the initial two minutes, and it took me some time to regain confidence and composure.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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