Essays on 7Ps of Marketing to Help Taj Hotels to Improve Its Services and Make Them Earn More Customers Case Study

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The paper “ 7P’ s of Marketing to Help Taj Hotels to Improve Its Services and Make Them Earn More Customers” is an inspiring variant of case study on marketing. The ever-growing hotel industry and the increase in the size of the population have made the tourism industry grow. On the backdrop of it, the hotel industry has witnessed a boom and is trying to reap maximum benefits out of it. The report tries to present the manner in which Taj hotels-India has been able to use the marketing strategies in the service industry and reap maximum benefit. The objective of the study To identify the target market for the Taj Hotel To identify the 7P’ s of Taj in the service sector and the impact it is having on the delivery of services To identify the areas which Taj needs to work upon to improve its service and create a bigger brand name Hotel industry- Taj The hotel industry in India has been growing at an impeccable rate.

With the growth in tourism and the desire of tourist to have better avenues to stay have given rise to various hotels that provide services which are of high standards.

With the rise in foreign tourists and the ever-increasing demand for hotels has given many to look for an opportunity in this area. Taj hotels have been one who has used this to their advantage. Taj Hotels has been performing in the hotel industry for ages. Taj-Mumbai is known for its culture and heritage and the services rendered by them are world-class. Taj has been able to develop a niche market and has ensured that they look after the whims and desires of the customer.

Taj also had the benefit of the booming tourism industry. The fact that Taj has been able to use the marketing strategies in a proper way has given them leverage. 2. Marketing Strategies using 7 P’ s The 7P’ s of marketing helps to understand the marketing strategy that the tourism sector offers in India. The analysis of this will help to understand the strategy that will help them to be successful. 2.1 Target MarketTaj Hotel has a very good target base. It is eyeing every sector. It is as Luxury Segment: Taj has hotels in this segment.

“ These are people who are willing to pay higher charges for the services they have used because they want lavish accommodation, restaurants, bars, health care amenities” . (Williams, 2008) Leisure Segments: Taj has done extremely well here. “ These are people who want to spend time in leisure activities and prefer something new and are the youth which has been handled well by Taj hotels” . (Williams, 2008) Business Segment: This is the most profitable of the lot. Taj has “ many hotels which target business professionals and they pay heavily for the services” .

(Williams, 2008) This is a major revenue generator. Thus we see Taj targeting every market. This has helped them have a high brand value. 2.2 Product strategyThe hotel industry is divided into luxury, business leisure and economy class depending on the income level in India. This has made the provider differentiate their product. It is a seen phenomenon that “ India has service providers differentiating them on the basis of the product offered” . (Justin, 2008) 

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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