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The following lines, will define the terms, identity, insecurity, power, knowledge, inequality and freedom. Furthermore we will be observing how all these terms play their role significantly in the following scenario: Maria Alveno works at a Shop Floor # 3 in the clothing Section of John Lewis. A multiple departmental Store in London. Maria Alveno is Spanish from both her parents’ side, but they have been long settled in London now. Maria is a business student, working part time at the Store. She is being paid well, and she foresees potential for her to be able join the administration after she graduates.

But this part time work of hers has turned into one huge experience, which has left her thinking: should she quit the Job, or stay and wait for her promotion. She doesn’t have another potential job in sight, she has to manage her finances her self. Now, the situation Maria is in, regards to her identity we need to consider thearticulate of identity, we over and over again mean the facets of individuality or the roles we take part in.

If we were to for the moment think about the identity of an individual and in this case Maria’s. We would have to include all the distinctiveness and actions of Maria, without contemplating the probable contradictions between Bob and her. Her identity would until the end of time be by definition really remarkable. After all, nearly every one of us feels remarkable and not otherwise. Such a definition corresponds, at least ostensibly, to our consciousness of us and the humanity around us. 1The Insecurity that Maria is feeling is basically the condition or quality of being insecure; the want of safety; danger; hazard; as, the insecurity of a building liable to fire; insecurity of a debt.

Also the behavior of Bob is making Maria confused and also bringing her to the state of feeling insecure; uncertainty; this scenario is causing within Maria the want of confidence. 2 The main point that comes forth is that of the Power: that Maria feels she has. It is her capacity to do something: the ability, strength, and capacity to do something. Because of the strong feeling of insecurity that Maria is feeling.

This Question automatically is bound to pop up what power do I have in doing my job? What can I do to be one of the favorite ones of my boss. 3Also Marias prime concern is to gain more Knowledge: about her work. but she expects her boss to at least consider her positive attitude towards her work. But by the way bob is with her; she can never be motivated enough or feel encouraged. This specific knowledge in Marias case would be the information or details that she would be able to acquire and also aspire to attain.

Bob s attitude entails somewhere the element of Inequality also. This inequality within itself is the biasness, in terms of gender, race, creed or religion that occurs in a workplace or everyday life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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