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The paper 'Marketing Analysis of Broomsfield Limited " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Broomsfield Limited is a company located in Perth, Australia. The company manufactures a wide range of biscuits and is in the process of widening its product range to include a bowl of new breakfast cereal, Goodstart Flakes. Established ten years ago, the company has registered impressive growth in market share and revenue to become a household name. This has been supported by high-quality products gaining the trust and loyalty of its customers. The company vision is to become the largest manufacturer of processed foods in the Pacific region hence the widening of the product range.

This paper will analyze the microenvironment that faces the new breakfast cereal which is set to be launched in the market early next month. Economic factors The economic situation in Australia has in the last several months been experiencing the adverse effects of a slowing global economy though in a relatively better way than the rest of the world. While the western powerhouses are facing a recession, the Australian economy registered a 0.4% GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2009 (ABS, Glynn, 2009).

However, economists and the political elite, including the Prime Minister himself, Kevin Ruud, fear for the future predicting that unemployment in 2009 and 2010 will increase. However, the economy has surpassed expectations. ABS had predicted a 5.9% drop in June but the levels stood at a seasonally adjusted 5.8% from 5.7% in May, its peak reading since October 2003 (ABS). This shows that consumer spending confidence will be affected to an extent as many households are not assured of their jobs (Holmes, 2009). The country’ s economy has gradually expanded in the last five years as shown by real GDP growth from 3.6% in 2003 to 4% in 2008.

On the other hand, per capita GDP has also been on the rise from $1, 255 in 1980 to around $47, 879 in 2008. This is relatively impressive as compared to other developing markets. A growing economy not only empowers the market economically but also boots consumers spending confidence. The country has a stable economy that is largely powered by the service industry.

Other industries also powering the economy is the service industry such as tourism. This continues to provide a solid base for economic activity domestically. The ongoing global financial turmoil has seen the government employ expansionary monetary and fiscal policies that have injected more money in the economy. This has been done through tax cuts and rebates among other measures. This has stabilized the market and ensured employment. Demographic factors In Australia, the average female wage is 71% of that of their male counterparts (Phipps, 2005). This indicates that men have stronger purchasing power than women.

However, conventional family setting puts the male in the family as the main breadwinner and hence the income can be assumed to be unrestrictedly accessible to the household. On the other hand, the average marrying age in Australia stands at 30.6 years for men and 28 for women (Shail, 2007). Given such a scenario, Broomsfield Limited will have to position the Goodstart Flakes as a family breakfast meal. On average, Australian women have a life expectancy of 84 years, higher than men at 79 years.


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