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The paper "Business Strategies - New Four-Star Hotel That Will Be Opened in Melbourne" is an outstanding example of a business plan. In Australia, the number of Chinese people is on the increase. Most of them are in the country as business people or tourists. The numbers of Chinese businesses are increasing due to favorable economic policies. They are, however, finding it difficult to find the Chinese Cuisines and other types of food common with the Chinese people. Most restaurants and hotels in Australia do not serve Chinese cuisines, making it difficult for Chinese people to enjoy their meals (Smith, 2011).

The new business, therefore, intends to fill the gap in the market by preparing and serving Chinese Cuisines. Sino-Australia Cuisine will be a restaurant that mainly serves Chinese cuisine. The business will be a four-star hotel that will serve the Chinese cuisines and it will also have the capacity to offer accommodation to about 50 guests per night, the Chinese being the main targets. However, any other customer will be free to visit the hotel and enjoy the Chinese Cuisines.

The business will ensure that the customers get a taste of Chinese Cuisine. At the hotel, Chinese music will be played and bands from china will be invited to entertain the customers. This will be aimed at ensuring that the Chinese people are able to enjoy the services being offered and develop a sense of being at home. The paper is a business plan for the new four-star hotel that will be opened in Melbourne, Australia. Part B: Business plan analysis a). Market feasibility of the business idea The number of people from China has been on the increase in Australia.

Currently, there are more than 800,000 people from China living in Australia. A high number is comprised of the Chinese Immigrants who settled in the country decades ago. However, as a result of bilateral trade agreements, the Chinese immigrant workers are allowed to work in Australia for a period of three years. This has seen the number of Chinese citizens visiting Australia on the increase. About 160,000 immigrant workers from China travel to Australia every year (Smith, 2011).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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