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The paper "Content Analysis of Australia Banking Web Sites" is a great example of a marketing case study.   The main objective of this website analysis if to analyze and review the Australian banking websites, like Commonwealth bank website, National Australian Bank website as well as ANZ website. The analysis of the contents on these websites will be done using various metrics, in order to get unprejudiced results. This report provides a representative of Australian banking websites and the research outcomes are meant to provide an impartial critique of the contents within Australian banking websites.

The research aims are that the research outcomes will be used to improve the Australian banking websites, and therefore customers will be able to access the banking websites without any difficulty. Executive Summary Presently, banks are using electronic banking in their operations. Technology impacts services in a big way and has changed the delivery of services, more so with the increased utilization of self-service technologies. For example, online banking is among the technologies that have modernized transactions; banks encourage online banking to lower expenses on delivery of services and to improve the quality of services delivered to the clients.

According to Wilson et al. (2010) banks are promoting electronic banking as a convenient means for clients, and in the end for cost savings for the banks. a good website should have valuable information, easy to surf on the site, should have fast response time, should have good product information flow, be easy to read and should be original, should have a friendly layout and finally, a good website should have a good listing on main search engines. The report analyses three websites namely, commonwealth websites, NAB and also ANZ website. For the ANZ website, the transaction procedure is very simple and hence easy to navigate through the website when it comes to the online banking system.

ANZ online banking system enables a first time user to be more confident when using the website. The Commonwealth bank website is somehow congested but trustworthy in terms of information and also the website has a privacy statement in case any questions need to be answered. However, the website does not have a page that the users can leave their feedbacks.

NAB website is very easy to access because all needed information is online and also the information is presented in a clear manner on the website. The NAB website also has a privacy statement and this enables the users to be confident while utilizing the website. The NAB makes use of transaction reports after all transactions and this allows the users to print or save any information from these transactions onto their computer. Banks should ensure that their websites have all the required website features. A content analysis of Australia Banking Web Sites Introduction Currently, banks are under pressure to enhance their margins and also improve their customer services.

The freeing up of the banking industry worldwide has enabled established of numerous banks worldwide. Internet banking makes use of electronic media, like the World Wide Web, intranet and also emails to facilitate exchanges and establish lasting relationships and create utility as well. The usage of online banking is growing all over the world and numerous banking transactions are now done outside the banks. According to the Australian Bankers Association 2006, more than 90% of bank transactions within Australia are not carried out within the bank branches and Australians are accessing 446000 EFTPOS terminals as well as 21000 ATMs, one machine for every one thousand individuals (Chan 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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