Essays on Human Resource Challenges to Individual and Organizational Performance in a Multinational Company Literature review

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The paper “ Human Resource Challenges to Individual and Organizational Performance in a Multinational Company” is a thoughtful example of the literature review on human resources. Human Resource Managers in Multinationals are presented by a whole different set of challenges as compared to their counterparts in localized companies. Their organizations are large, more open to public scrutiny, and characteristically multicultural (Darling & Fogliosso, 2004). Here are some of the challenges. Workplace conflictsWorkplace conflict management is a common phenomenon especially in companies that have a multicultural workforce. The conflicts in the workplace are major concerns for human resource managers in today’ s workplace.

They lower the productivity of the employees who feel victimized in the conflicts and may result in unproductive counter-behaviors as a way of expressing dissatisfaction (Ayoko, Charmine & Hartel, 2003). The employees in an organization and a multinational for that matter are supposed to work as a team in order to deliver the best results in their activities. When there is a conflict then this cannot be achieved since there lack coherence and coordination. According to the research by Ayoko et al, (2003), Conflicts should be viewed as a communication barrier which reduces the efficiency that can be achieved when people coordinate their activities in the company (Darling & Fogliosso, 2004).

In light of this understanding it is therefore important that the human resource manager in a multi national be concerned about workplace conflict. The management should go a step further to put measures in place to deal with the conflicts in a professional manner that will be for the ultimate benefit of the company and to the individuals involved as well. According to Darling & Fogliosso, (2004), conflicts in the workplace are fueled by among other things; poor description of roles in the company such that roles overlap and nobody knows exactly what is expected of him; lack of a code of conduct to guide the behavior of all the employees in the company including the top management; diversity in the work place in terms of cultures, age, income, gender and religious beliefs can also be a source of conflict.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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