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Essays on A Critical Evaluation Of HRM And Organisational Behaviour Theories And Frameworks And Link With Essay

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Human Resource challenges to individual and organizational performance in a multinational company and their solutions. Human Resource Managers in Multinationals are presented by a whole different set of challenges as compared to their counterparts in localized companies. Their organizations are large, more open to public scrutiny and characteristically multicultural (Darling & Fogliosso, 2004). Here are some of the challenges. Work place conflictsWork place conflict management is a common phenomenon especially in companies that have a multicultural workforce. The conflicts in the work place are major concerns for human resource managers in today’s work place.

They lower the productivity of the employees who feel victimized in the conflicts and may result in unproductive counter-behaviors as a way of expressing dissatisfaction (Ayoko, charmine & Hartel, 2003). The employees in an organization and a multinational for that matter are supposed to work as a team in order to deliver the best results in their activities. When there is a conflict then this cannot be achieved since there lacks coherence and coordination. According to the research by Ayoko et al, (2003), Conflicts should be viewed as a communication barrier which reduces the efficiency that can be achieved when people coordinate their activities in the company (Darling & Fogliosso, 2004).

In light of this understanding it is therefore important that the human resource manager in a multi national be concerned about workplace conflict. The management should go a step further to put measures in place to deal with the conflicts in a professional manner that will be for the ultimate benefit of the company and to the individuals involved as well. According to Darling & Fogliosso, (2004), conflicts in the workplace are fueled by among other things; poor description of roles in the company such that roles overlap and nobody knows exactly what is expected of him; lack of a code of conduct to guide the behavior of all the employees in the company including the top management; diversity in the work place in terms of cultures, age, income, gender and religious beliefs can also be a source of conflict. In his view Kim (2007), multi nationals operate in many diverse environments in the countries they have set shops and as such have a unique workplace scenario that comprise of a diversified workforce.

This then calls for a skilled conflict resolution and prevention approach from the side of the Human Resource Management and the company. According to Kim (2007), the first step to solving a conflict amongst employees in a company is to acknowledge that there is a conflict and not assume it is just a small event common when people are together. After the human resource manager has acknowledged the existence of the conflict he should view it as an opportunity to improve the relationships of employees by successfully identifying the source of the conflict without having any preconceived notions or biasness.

Darling & Fogliosso (2004) are also of the opinion that a critical examination will unearth what are the issues in the conflict. Showing a concern for the issues expressed by the parties is important as it assures the employees of fair treatment from the HRM. It is therefore important that impartial investigations into the issues are conducted. When the conflict sources are identified the first approach should be not to lay blame or victimize individuals but rather to look for a policy framework that will solve the problem and minimize chances of its occurrence in the future.

This way the management will have adopted positive attitude that will improve the productivity of employees as individuals and also as a team.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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