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The paper "Challenges Facing Human Resource Practitioners in Multinationals " is a perfect example of a management essay.   Due to their being in a multiplicity of environments and regions, multinationals have very unique problems to do with the human resource and thus should be having robust human resource management that is able to respond to the particular problems facing the organization (DuBrin, 2008). This paper attempts to bring in light issues relating to three particular problems facing human resource managers in multinationals and how the manager should respond to the problems. The issues are expounded on under the headlines; human resourcing, employee learning, training and skills development, and performance management- reward and appraisal. 2.0 Human resource challenges 2.1 Human resourcing – recruitment and selection Multinational firms have their presence around multiple countries in the world or states within a large country like the US or Australia.

They have to occasionally fill top management positions in some countries or stations as they expand their reach or if they want to effect some changes into the branches due to low performance of the current management (Dowling & Festing, Engle, 2008). 2.1.1 Hiring the right talent A study by Anderson (2005) points out that one of the challenges is getting somebody with a mix of competency and interpersonal skills to consider for the assignment.

While it is easy to get a competent person in terms of the technical skills that the management is looking for, it is difficult to find that the same competent person has the desired interpersonal skills that will enable him to relate well with new people who might not necessarily subscribe to his culture and work ethic (Anderson, 2005).

However as a human resource manager, I can successfully overcome this by looking within the company to identify competent individuals for the position, those who understand our operations as a company and our way of doing things not forgetting the protocols. The individuals must also have the right technical skills.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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