Essays on Impacts of Social Networking on Shopping Behaviors Capstone Project

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The paper "Impacts of Social Networking on Shopping Behaviors" is a good example of a marketing capstone project.   Aim: The main aim of this research paper is to assess how social networking impacts shopping behaviors. The research, therefore, seeks to understand if there is any difference between the perception of real and virtual products on the part of consumers with regard to social networking. Background information: Social networking is a recent trend in the history and most investors especially advertisers have been on the forefront in making use of social networks because of the large number of people that they attract. Research Problem: Social networking has completely changed the way in which business is being done in most parts of the world.

This research seeks, therefore, to understand how social networking has impacted on the shopping behavior of most consumers, especially towards virtual products. Research Question: The main research question is: are there differences between real and virtual items with respect to which factors affect attitudes toward shopping on social networking sites? How different or similar are the factors? Methodology: This research involves a survey carried out with students of the University of California as sample participants.

The main research method is a structured questionnaire that involves questions concerning a social network site that the participant is familiar with. Results: The results indicate that there are several factors that affect shopping for products on social networking sites. Discussion: Discusses the implications of the findings of this research. Limitations: Outlines the main limitations of this study Recommendations and conclusion: A summary of the whole study together with recommendations. Abstract Social networking sites have become major phenomena in the 21st century. This has worked to change the landscape of business and the manner in which business is carried thus changing shopping behaviors for consumers.

However, depending on the nature of products that are advertised on social networking sites, there are several factors that influence whether online shoppers purchase such products or not. The main purpose of this study is to find out factors that affect shopper’ s attitude towards buying products online through social networking sites. Keywords: Online shopping, Social networking Web sites, virtual, real, technology acceptance model. Impacts of Social Networking on Shopping Behaviors Introduction In a common man’ s language, a social network refers to a network of friends, colleagues and other persons who share on a frequent basis.

Research has shown that strong social networks can lead to healthy behavior and personality development. With the advancement of new technologies, computers and other devices have completely changed the meaning of a social network. Internet technology has made it possible for the development of websites which unite people of common interests to communicate with each other and share information. The long term result of this has been a complete change in various aspects of human life, especially in commerce and education.

Business-oriented networks have sprung up to change the traditional view of the business. The main focus of this research paper is on how social networking has impacted on shopping behavior. This study will involve a survey carried out on a selected section of students at the University of California who are perceived as frequent users of social networks and potential consumers of online products, analysis and presentation of data in form of tables, charts and percentages.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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