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Essays on A Hope to Acquire a Masters Degree in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University to Become a Professional Manager Personal Statement

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ment of Purpose The world has advanced a lot in terms of technology in this era of globalization. It is therefore, important to have a wide andpolished worldwide outlook on management issues. One of the worldwide nations that boast of having an outstanding cultural atmosphere and more advanced commercial sector is the United States of America and particularly in Gorge Maison University. The university has also registered increased levels of the sophistication of humanities and areas of technological and scientific advancements. It is in this regards that I hope to acquire my masters degree in organization development and knowledge management from Gorge Maison University.

I prefer the university because I will get first-hand information from reputable professors who are armed with legitimate research facilities in the area. The experience will enable me to be exposed to ideas and skills that will make it possible for me to raise the ladder in management and become a professional manager with many unlimited potentials. From an early age, I had an inspiration to pursue a career in management, which was drawn from my cousin’s business activities.

He was a business-oriented entrepreneur in the electronics field and was so much dedicated to his work. I was positioned to acquire a lot of ideas and skills that related to business management from him. I developed some interest to read business related books and journals, and this made me realize that I will work in some business in the future. The recognition of my cousin being limited by his qualifications in the business field has pushed me to aspire pursuing a masters degree.

My cousin solely depended on his high school certificate and his perseverance and diligence in his success in the business sector. After my studies, I hope to assist him in managing his company as a professional manager with high qualifications that I will acquire from your institution. As Maan Shata, I did my undergraduate studies and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business administration- Human resource management and organization in the year 2009 from King Abdul-Aziz University (KAU) Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. While still at school, I attended a lot of management- related courses that included computer science, introduction to management, information management and international relations together with mass communication.

Throughout my university education, I developed good relationships and positive attitude with those who we were in the same class and the professors who taught me too. One of the most important virtues that I learned while at the university was that of being patient when dealing with people who are in need. In an example, in my social case study, I involved myself with many situations that required a great deal of talking and communication skills.

The experience helped me to grow lots of patience and become tolerant in times of frustrating situations as most managers do. Besides working with the needy, we had the chance to have self-reflection and growth like when at times we disagreed with our very own who we were coexisting. In many of these situations, it was paramount to be patient with the people I worked and interacted with as well as being communicative to mediate and solve conflicts. It is through my work that I gained precious experience and knowledge that is of great use in my future management-related jobs that will require the communication skills I developed for their successes.

I also worked as an administrator in HR from 2005 to 2010 where I gained valuable experience adding to the one that I acquired while still at the university. I acquired this through customer relations, engaging myself in companies’ promotional activities and in other administrative duties. I then worked as a banker from 2010 to 2013 and got involved in the planning of bank promotions, sales, monitoring and evaluation of the banks progress.

These were precious chances that made me learn about management while in the bank. It also helped me to obtain experience and acquire knowledge that is not learned in school through books and the classes. To finalize, it is my hope that in the coming future, with the help and the guidance of the highly learned and experienced professors in your university, I will have systematically cultured my sole thinking and my research capabilities too. I ultimately plan to carry out my duties as a qualified professional manager in the international market being convinced that, studying together with the dedicated professors and students in your university, I will be able to connect to informative research and get more stable academic foundation. Works Cited Harrington, H.

J, Frank Voehl, and Donald S Feigenbaum. Knowledge Management Excellence. Chico, Calif. : Paton Press, 2007. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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