Essays on Human Resource Management Strategic Plans and Policies Literature review

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The paper “ Human Resource Management Strategic Plans and Policies” is a convincing example of the literature review on human resources. Today Human Resource Management is being recognized as the most important asset of any Organization and consultants have concluded that businesses unless they manage their employees well they may be faced by many challenges business challenges. Armstrong, (2009) said that for a company’ s strategic plans and corporate objectives can be successfully achieved if the personnel policies and procedures are closely monitored. It is also the responsibility of the HRM department to find and develop staff whose talents can be natured to match or be compatible with the Company’ s strategic plans.

Human Resource Management mandate is also involved in ensuring that the necessary programs whose role is compatible with a Company’ s culture and core values (Mathis et. al, 2007)1.2.3Human Resource Management StructureThe HRM department is divided into three categories involving career areas, individuals, and organizations. The Management of individuals involves bringing out the employee's weaknesses, strengths, and assisting them in how to rectify their weaknesses to their optimal capacity. These can only be achieved by conducting rigorous training and performance appraisal.

Organizational development aims at maximizing human resources as a strategic business concept. Through this concept it allows implementation of change development program that counteracts with internal and external factors that normally affect business efficiency. Lastly career development function involves job matching for employees and ensuring that they progress their careers (Nkomo, 2010)Communication effectiveness is enhanced if the human resource program is in line with the company goals. In recent years, businesses are faced with the challenges of dynamic change in technology especially in the field of communication and drastic measures have to be taken to counter the change.

Several businesses are however changing their trends and strategically setting targets that dramatically alter the way they used to conduct businesses. The HRM professionals have to battle with continued innovation and change of management tactics.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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