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The paper 'A Major British Supermarket Chain Plans' is a perfect example of business coursework. Establishing a subsidiary in a new foreign market is a common business strategy followed by multinational corporations to expand their business and increase market share. However, it is one of the most expensive business expansion strategies. Since this type of business expansion involves huge investments, firms need to conduct deep country analysis and market opportunity analysis before deciding on the proposal. PESTLE analysis is a potential tool to evaluate the macro-environmental factors, whereas Porter’ s five forces model can comprehensively analyze the industry forces.

A major British supermarket chain plans to invest in Hong Kong as part of its global expansion initiatives in the current scenario. This paper will analyze the feasibility of this business proposal using PESTLE and Porter’ s five forces tools. The paper will also suggest whether it is good for the British supermarket chain to proceed with the plan. An Overview of Hong KongHong Kong, officially known as H. K, is a special administrative region located on the south coast of China. According to the Market Research Reports (n. d.), this region is well known for its deep natural harbor and expansive skyline.

Hong Kong is recognized as one of the world's densely populated regions with 426 square miles of land and over seven million people. The region’ s population comprises 93.6% ethnic Chinese and 6.4% other groups (Ibid). Hong Kong is one of the world’ s Alpha+ cities, with approximately 22.6 million foreign people visiting the country annually. The country has an average life expectancy of 83. Chinese government policies and interventions greatly influence the country’ s economic growth.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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