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A Marketing Manager in a Budget Airline What is Integrated Marketing Communication? In the most lay man terms of simplicity, integrated marketing communication (IMC), is defined as a phenomenon whereby all the marketing tools and techniques deployed by marketers and pushed towards the customer reveal synergy and are consistent in terms of the message they convey. For example: when Samsung advertisements are displayed, at the depth, they have a tag line that says ‘what’s next’. This line signifies the fact that each product produced and sold by Samsung would ensure one step ahead in technological advancements.

This is one of the promotional mix elements, thereby; the message conveyed by it should be in-line with what the other marketing mix elements state. In the similar example, consider product, which is another critical element of the mix. The product should be technological advance to show synergy, consistency, and the element of likeliness to the tag line developed during promotional activities. Advantages of IMC There are various advantages of IMC; some are briefly discussed as below: IMC provides consistency to the customers in the sense that they feel the same message coming across from all channels, so really get the feel of consistency in the set of practices for the firm. IMC leads to a focused approach, not just with the product, but also a focused approach towards the specific target market. IMC gives a look of one organization to the consumer; for example if P&G aims at serving the customers with the care products, then all its product lines, messages, marketing campaigns, etc.

would reflect the same Implementation The implementation of IMC requires firms to act in a single direction and that is the vision of it.

Vision is identified as the ultimate aim and then the firm acts in that direction, and with the firm, all the marketing communication activities also symbolize the firm moving in the same direction. Since we are aiming at being a budget airlines, we must ensure that all are marketing activities and the marketing mix should depict the same. For example: Pricing should be such that depicts the budget aspect Promotional campaigns should depict that cost effectiveness is our aim The target audience should be the one that looks for budget airlines for example a middle income bracket individual or family, rather than big MNCs.

(Word Count: 388 excluding the question) 2) You work within a small chain of hotel as Marketing Assistant. The CEO has asked you to prepare a presentation with some briefing notes identifying the specific challenges that marketing services entails and the role that employees have in addressing these challenges to ensure a consistently high level of customer service within the hotel chain. Challenges for Marketing Services & the Role of Employees in addressing these challenges Following are the challenges that are faced during marketing of services: The intangibility factor: Intangibility makes it difficult for the customer or client to think, imagine or visualize the service or see the outcome associated with it.

From the firm’s perspective, it is difficult to control the quality of a service, and also in terms of promotion. Simultaneous production and consumption: Services are generally produced and consumed simultaneously for example in a massage parlor. This makes it difficult to keep a track on quality and control and to correct it spontaneously.

Importance of Trust: Products can be trialed and tested for developing trust, as variance in quality is not much of a concern. However, in case of a service, variance of quality does become a critical variable. Competition: Catering to competition is another challenge because the customer has the tendency of becoming a competitor. At times, when questioning the need of the service, a customer may opt for having it in-house. Branding beyond Marketing: Services are more about branding rather than marketing. Since services are about the individuals delivering the service, therefore, they gain an individualistic identity, such as eBay and other web services portals. Sellers are the ones who deliver: A major issue for marketers of services is the fact that, on a general note, selling takes place by the person who delivers the service.

This is so because the service delivering individuals are more like the product that is being pushed at the customer and who else can push it better than those who will be the ones responsible for rendering the service. The issue lies in the fact that a great service provider may not necessarily have the best marketing and convincing skills Loss of momentum for marketing and sales: In product marketing, marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, though marketers are not responsible for the delivery of product, etc.

thus, they just move about generating the market. In services, the marketing person, if not the same as the service renderer, has to ensure the availability of the service provider before booking the order The gurus of strategic management always highlight the fact that human resource is one of the most significant sources for gaining a competitive advantage, which cannot be completely replicated.

Particularly, for a services sector firm, the importance of employees cannot be undermined. Employees or staffs are the prime sources of solving these issues. The foremost issue is that of quality of service; it can only be improved via consistent practice of the work. Practice can lead into consistency in the quality of service. Secondly, employees can develop good relations with clients to gain the word of mouth marketing; the cheapest and the most reliable source of marketing. Lastly, the employees can ensure time management for entertaining customers on a timely manner and node. (Word Count: 488 excluding the question) 3) As a creative consultant you have been commissioned to develop an advertising strategy, set advertising objectives and decide on the media message for a new computer game.

Produce a schedule, outlining the process and timings of the tasks that you would undertake. Developing an Advertising Strategy – setting the advertising objectives An advertising strategy is defined as a formulation whereby the underlying message communicates a message to the target audience; the message contains the features and benefits of the underlying product or the service. Advertising objective herewith for the new computer game is to attract individuals towards playing a computer game that allows physical interaction.

This game is basically a VR (virtual reality) based game, whereby a gadget is sold along with the machine. this machine has no built in games but there are cassettes that have to be separately purchased, each carrying various games. The phenomenon is similar to Attari or SEGA, with the difference being that the joy stick is replaced by a gadget to be worn on human eyes.

Once the game starts, it takes the individual into virtual reality, whereby, the person himself is present in the game, playing it from the inside. The moves to make are spoken and voice is recognized to do those moves. Media Message for a New Computer Game The media message for this game is: ‘the first computer game with physical interaction – play the game yourself, within the virtual world’. The target market for this game would be anyone over 15 years of age, to ensure that kids don’t get a hand on it, since it can be dangerous. Schedule, Timing and Tasks The schedule starts from the first of June and is as follows: Timing Activity 1st to 5th June Teasers of the promotion stating: ‘are you ready to move to the virtual world’ 6th to 10th Now the teasers would say: ‘play yourself within the computer…’ 11th Launch of the product (Word Count: 280 excluding the question)

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