Essays on A Negative Impact of the Social Media on the Student Performance Research Paper

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The paper “ A Negative Impact of the Social Media on the Student Performance" is a meaningful example of a research paper on sociology.   The top management of the university strongly believes that the students spend most of their time chatting and communicating on Facebook. The report will find out the time spend by the students on social media and the devotion to the university studies. The interviews o the student will assist to determine the opinion of the students in regard to the impact of the Face book on their performance. There have been massive cases of students performing poorly in academic work.

This is strongly attributed to the high time the students spend on social media. The poor performance may be a result of many factors some of which are within the control of the university administration. The university can guide and counsel the students on the value and importance of devotion to their academic performance. Social interactions do shape the discipline and performance of the students. Positive utilization of the Face book will see them exchange and share academic information which is the core of being in the university.

It is appreciated in the research report that students are also social beings. There ought to be a striking balance between socialization over the media and devotion to the academic work for high performance. The research problems focus on the spending of too much time on Face book at the expense of academic devotion. This is a concern by the university administration. Literature reviewInstitutions of higher learning intend to train students on the value of personal responsibility and effective time management in the type of activities the students engage in.

research into production issues is the core role of the students. Students ought to engage actively in the research of the wide range of issues that affect the community at large. The institutions are research centers for the universal use of all citizens in a country. There is a new trend in students spending most of their time on social media. It is believed the time spent on social media does compromise the quality of learning in higher institutions. Time management determines a sense of responsibility among the student.

It is clear to note that the students prioritize the social factor at the expense of good grades. The socialization factor is crucial in the building of the complete personality of a student. Time management involves students drawing schedules and time tables for effective studies. Students ought to concentrate on a discussion to promote their performance in the academic world. The allocation of time between the priority areas will determine the academic success of the student. Co-curriculr activities are crucial in the academic growth of the student.

The overemphasis on social media is detrimental in the performance of the student.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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