Essays on Marketing Mix Strategies - Nicole Social Event Planning Company Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Mix strategies - Nicole Social Event Planning Company " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Ozment and Morash (1994) identify three categories of service offering as; augmented, core, and actual services. Core services involve the basic customer intention for the transaction and relate to the primary customer benefit. Actual services are ancillary or facilitative to the core services. On the other hand, augmented service is how the core and actual services are bundled to create service quality. Core services NSEPC core services are event planning for kids and households such as parties, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

These events are conducted at different times of the year and differ based on type and budget. The company will provide services such as tents, music systems, event decorations, outside catering and confectioneries. Expected services Expected services relate to how the events will be designed, features, brand name and quality. The actual products to be delivered are outdoor tents, seats, cakes, decorations, flowers, balloons, and other accessories. Depending on the event and preferences of customers, these products will be; High quality and clean tents Attractive colors and hues in decorations Latest and trendy fashion in cake arrangement and design Elegance and in style in stage setting and music systems Reliable and responsive staff at all event sections Augmented services NSEPC will provide the following augmented services; Quick and timely delivery of tents, seats, decorations, culinary services, cakes and other requirements Stylish and fashionable installation of tents and setting of cake and buffet services Free transportation services of tents and seats within Canberra Free response or feedback services on Facebook and Twitter Free event site cleaning and collection of used items after the event Reliable and responsive staff Product differentiation Quality/price differentiation strategy will be adopted.

The company will move up the differentiation scale and focus on bundles of services including some free services not offered by existing event planners. This will create a calculative behavior among customers who will be looking for the next best deal (McInnes, 2011). This will increase customer loyalty and reduce acquisition costs. Positioning NSEPC will be positioned as a high-quality event service provider to middle-income customers in the Canberra region. The company will provide value for money to many middle income and high-end customers. Branding The company will use its first events to create a fan base and expose a strong brand to people.

Some of the items branded under the name NSEPC will include staff uniform, bottled water, speciality cocktails, cupcakes, sweet wrappers, gestures and thoughtful gifts. A branded registration page will be created to collect data on guests and track registrants. The staff will be always motivated to create enthusiasm and lighten up guests. Service lifecycle implications Service life cycle entails the process that identifies that stage at which the service is encountered at the time.

The stages are; introduction, growth stage, maturity and decline stages. NSEPC will be at the introduction stage where it is building awareness to ensure that customers get acquainted with the service. Word-of-mouth marketing and social media are the platforms to be used in creating awareness.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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