Essays on Marketing Mix Analysis Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Mix Analysis" is a good example of a marketing case study.   The understanding of the framework that will be used in the development of the business is dependent on the preparation of a sufficient marketing mix analysis. Through this, the factors that will operate around the functioning of the business will be analyzed. The marketing mix strategies follow the four guidelines of the four Ps of marketing. Through the implementation of the marketing mix strategies by a given company, it is able to impact on the world at large.

Brand recognition is also fostered. The company due to this attains greater levels of returns and profitability is ensured to the company in its operations. This is therefore to the better of the operations of the company. The growth process will also be enhanced by this. They are namely; Product/Service Price Place Promotion Product The company focuses on the development of an event planning business in the city of Canberra. With this, the main products of the company are events management services. On the part of the tours, the company seeks at ensuring that the highest levels of quality are offered to the people who choose the events management of the company.

With this, they intend to improve service delivery. This will be through such things as the use of professional events management and planning. Through the ensuring of quality, we will seek to improve the level and number of people who recommend us to their friends. With improving the quality of the items that are offered, there will be an increase in the number of people who will prefer the services of the company. The effect of this is that it will result in an increase in the returns that are made by the company. Event management services are aimed at seeing to it that there is maximum and utmost order in the flow in the services and order of activities in the events.

As pointed out, the events include parties and other similar happenings in the localities. Through the increase in the levels of order in the activities that are rendered to the people, the guests would be encouraged to come back for more of the services of the company.

This would increase the profitability levels that would be attained at the end of the company. The company also seeks to prepare events themes from all the corners of the world. Through this, it would sell to all the tribes and people from all the parts of the world. This would also foster the expansion process. People have a liking for places where their local themes are factored in. Price Prices of service that are rendered by companies raise questions and act as pointers as to the levels of services that the companies will be able to offer.

Prices are key determinants to the success of any given firm. This is mostly so because very high and exaggerated prices discourage the customers from consuming the products of a given company. This, in turn, reduces the levels of sales that are made by the company. This is mostly so where the services that are rendered do not match the prices that are charged for them. On the other hand, extremely low prices also discourage customers from the products of a given company.

This is because they raise doubts as to the quality of services that are rendered based on extremely low prices. This on the part of the company brings a few returns from the services that are rendered by the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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