Essays on Marketing Strategies of Daewoo Car Company Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategies of Daewoo Car Company" is a great example of a case study on marketing. The name Daewoo means Great Universe in Korea and Daewoo Car Company was reported to be the chief South Korean multinational company in the early years. It was formed as Daewoo Industrial on 22nd march 1967 as but it was later broken by the administration of South Korea in the year 1999. Indeed in the year 2006, Kim Woo-Jung who is the pioneer of Daewoo Car Company was jailed on charges of swindle or fraud and misappropriation.

Daewoo Car Company is a manufacturing and comprehensive service multinational and it was reported to be outstanding in intensifying its worldwide market through mutual business enterprises globally. Daewoo was among the companies that gained from Korean administration financial support through discounted credit founded on probable export proceeds. Daewoo Company originally manufactured blue-collar garments and cloth production that offered high proceeds limits. The company was boosted by the availability of a willing labor force. Because of globalization at one-time rivalry from foreign firms began eating into the competitive advantage of Korean firms.

The administration reacted to this transformation by focusing its endeavors on both electrical and mechanical production, shipbuilding, building, and military programs. Therefore Daewoo was obligated by the Korean government to venture into the shipbuilding industry and later the company performed well in its undertakings. It later extended its production to that of machine apparatus, security products, aerospace welfare, and mechanization. Ultimately, it started to manufacture helicopters and aircraft which were sold at lower prices as compared to those from the U. S. It later extended its activities to that of the automotive business and was considered to be the best and biggest exporter of cars around the globe. The paper "title" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Fall of Daewoo Car Company There are several reasons that resulted in poor performance of Daewoo Car Company as discussed below.

Government interference through government guiding principles that were applied in Korea became a problem for the company. The government guards businesses or conglomerate, offering them enormous financial assistance and support, unrestricted discounted loans, and safeguarding them against alien rivalry.

Nevertheless, the cost for such protection to those companies was full allegiance to the administration of the day. The conglomerate run by the government was obligated to acquire businesses without seeking consent from them. The administration was persistently reported to be concerned in managing various businesses and subdued their inventiveness. The labor force market also impacted the success of Daewoo Car Company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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