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The paper “ Application of Operations Management Tools in Marketing” is a persuasive example of the literature review on management. This report is based on the relationship between operations management and the marketing function of business organizations. In it, different ways in which specific tools and techniques that are used in operations management can be effectively applied to the way an organization performs its marketing function are discussed. The basic idea is that there are specific operations management tools that, when effectively used in the marketing operations of a business environment, can contribute to the improvement of the overall performance of the business organization.

The report is divided into two broad sections. These are described as follows. In the first section, a detailed examination of the different tools and techniques that are used in operations management is presented. The tools and techniques that are reviewed in this section are those that are most common and pertinent in operations management. Also, the meaning of the concepts of operations management and how it is important for the success of business organizations is presented. In the second section, a detailed examination of the different ways in which specific operations management tools can be used to improve marketing within an organization is done.

Also, this section contains a brief review of the concept of marketing and how it contributes to organizational success. Operations managementThe concept of operations managementBusiness organizations have various functions that work simultaneously for their overall success. One such function is operations management. Simply put, operations management refers to the methods, tools, and techniques that are used to manage processes that take place within organizations for the transformation of inputs into value-added outputs (Kachwala & Murkherjee 2009, p.

6). The concept is applicable to organizations that operate in either the manufacturing or the services sector. In the case of manufacturing organizations, operations management is used to transform inputs that occur in the form of raw materials, labor, and machinery into outputs that are produced in the form of value-added finished products.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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