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The paper 'Measuring Service Quality Using SERVQUAL Model" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting annotated bibliography.   Due to competition and the increasing importance of the services provided by private commercial banks in Bangladesh, researchers decided to conduct studies on the service provision levels of these banks. This study was conceived out of that desire to reveal the level of performance and service provision for these banks. The SERVQUAL model was chosen since it was seen by the researcher as the best among all the available alternatives. The scope and objectives The key objective of the study was to measure the quality of services in the banks of Bangladesh using the SERVQUAL model.

It also sought to study the effect of service quality and the satisfaction of customers by private commercial banks. It also measures the levels of customer satisfaction in the services of the banks and recommends on how banks can provide better quality services (Rahaman, and Rahman, 2011, 1). The article also shows how service improvement management may be made more logical and integrated based on the dimensions of service quality that have been given priority and their tendency to reduce or increase service quality gaps (Rahaman, and Rahman, 2011, 4). Methodology Survey and quantitative methods formed the methodology.

The sample composed of 310 bank clients in Dhaka, Bangladesh obtained through random sampling. Collection of data was done in 80 branches belonging to 30 commercial banks in the city of Dhaka. Analysis of data was based on appropriate tools applicable to the SERVQUAL model. Major findings Through the study, the researchers found out that private commercial banks in Bangladesh have done what is required to help customers get their satisfaction by providing reliable services and responding quickly and assuring them of attention (Rahaman, and Rahman, 2011, 4). Conclusion Failing to understand what customers prefer as their needs bring failure in the design of service quality.

Private Banks try to revise their delivery of services to align with the SERVQUAL model. SERQUAL requirements like giving solutions to the problems of customers, timely delivery of services, responding quickly to clients, safety in transactions and personal attention should be studied further. Limitations and implication Majority of the respondents in the study were found to be young people and therefore was viewed as not being representative of all age groups in Malaysia. The second article is the Exploration and Development of SERVQUAL by Kim, Y., Kim, K., Yun, D.

2003. Background Many models and alternative for measuring service quality exist. Researchers have been giving conflicting views and reports on the strengths and capability of various models. This confusion necessitated the researchers credited with this study to come together and research the claims made especially about the SERVQUAL model of measuring service quality. Reports had been showing that the model was the best while other reports stated otherwise (Kim, Kim and Yun, 2003, 2). The scope and objectives The scope of this study includes finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the gap-based SERVQUAL model in measuring service quality.

This was done against criticism and suggestions that alternative models for measuring service quality could perform better than the SERQUAL gap-based model.


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