Essays on Industrial Relations at Qantas Airline Case Study

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The paper "Industrial Relations at Qantas Airline" is a great example of a case study on management. Industrial relations refer to the relationships in the midst of employers, government, employees, management, and trade unions. It encompasses any kind of associations is it formal or informal in the organization. Industrial relations form a key component in the present industrial society. The industry today is not viewed as a business of employers alone nor has the sole aim of making a profit, it’ s considered to be a business enterprise established on decisive cooperation between management and labour (Bray et al 2011).

As such, production and social good are considered as its eventual success is contributed by management and employees. Dynamics of Industrial Relations in Contemporary SocietyThe dynamics of life nowadays has made work to become a basic to the human coexistence, though, labour these days is a no more unorganized group that is ready to obey without detesting or protest on terms of employment (Dabscheck, 2009). Management has to handle workers at present as individuals with conscious minds as well as members of organized social groupings, which are well-informed on their working rights and possess strong bargaining power.

Work establishes what we ought to do in our daily life and preoccupies much of our thoughts. It enhances our interactions and aid in defining our sense of identity as it offers us with material necessities of life and attainment of civilization. Bray et al (2011) emphasize that work allocation and remuneration, together with its organization and management are of significant importance, how these are carried out in any gainful employment explains much more about the perceptions and ideals we embrace as a society.

For these reasons, the aim of changing and keeping sound industrial relations is not only to focus on resolving disputes but also to safeguard the cooperation among the workers in the ways of the industry. In any industry, the issue of maintaining smooth industrial relations is not an easy task. Most industrialized nations and leading corporations around the world find themselves struggling to establish and maintain effective management of the workforce relations in their systems. Each country and industry has sought to find a working solution, based upon its economic, social, and political environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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