Essays on Science in the Air by Sherrie Bosse, Gera Jacobs and Tara Lynn Anderson Article

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The paper "Science in the Air by Sherrie Bosse, Gera Jacobs, and Tara Lynn Anderson" is a delightful example of an article on education.   The article, ‘ Science in the Air’ by Sherrie Bosse, Gera Jacobs, and Tara Lynn Anderson is highly pertinent for developing and enhancing children’ s critical thinking prowess and understanding about science. Children have an inherent tendency to be curious about things and their ability to ponder over the things that they observe in their daily life needs to be gently prodded for seeking answers. The teachers, family, and friends all must collectively take responsibility to ensure that children’ s tendency to explore and investigate various aspects of the events that are taking place in their life are explained in fun ways so that learning becomes a much sought after activity.

Daily events like day and night, changing of leaves, animal, and insects, growing transition period, etc. are important issues for children and intrinsic part of science and technology that must be linked together for children so that children’ s scientific knowledge is enhanced and they become motivated to explore things in a more scientific manner. The authors have diligently explained how various activities of children’ s lives are important media for developing scientific temperament in children and boosting their power of critical thinking.

Early years of children are crucial times that must be exploited by teachers and parents to guide and enrich children’ s abilities for greater learning outcomes. They should encourage children to discover and learn things through practical experience. This would help them to understand how evolution takes place and how they can contribute to make the world a better place to live.

Indeed, this is the right time for them to learn about the environment and it helps human beings to live a better life. Moreover, increasing their awareness about science ensures that children become better equipped to address the challenges of contemporary times.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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